The Media & Me..a true love story…or not.

It just occurred to me that when it comes to technology i’m not exactly ‘smarter than the average bear’. I would love to not only acquire but maintain a job as a journalist when i graduate Western but the media convergence could be the death of me. I’m not the most tech savvy and struggle with my Google Phone, which is one drop away from being in complete pieces.

Working in the media i expect that one day, if not someday very soon, i’ll have to learn how to not only shoot pictures but video in addition to writing, and much of this will undoubtedly be posted online. One problem, my pictures suck, my video production skills are imaginary, and the most time i spend on the internet involves updating my status on facebook.

The media and me…a true love story or ultimate failure.

I hope to slowly but surely acquire the skills necessary to survive in the future. It’s not enough anymore to be a good writer in my field you have to present it the right way as well.


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