My name is Shakia Harris and I’m a Yoga addict.

I’m still unsure as to how this addiction came about. I took my first yoga class a couple weeks ago because i’m random and like to try new things. The first day when I walked into the dimly lit room filled with barefoot deep breathers I thought “dear baby jesus please don’t let me fall on my face”. I didn’t do as bad as I thought but at the end of class after my awkward ‘downward facing dog’, trembling ‘tree poses’, and falling asleep during my ‘child pose’, i realized “Hey, I feel pretty good”. I was relaxed, cheered up, and it was a decent workout. This was something that i could easily do on a regular basis.

Now, if i’m in a good mood then regular basis for me usually means once a week. For some odd reason I’ve been doing Yoga everyday a couple times a day if possible. It’s like this drug that i’m gradually becoming addicted to and if I miss a yoga class or am late it’s as if my entire day is incomplete.

Hopefully this mild obsession won’t completely consume my life anytime soon. In the case that i have a random urge to do a triangle pose-> then I will have no choice but to sign up for the closest Yoga Addicts Anonymous (YAA)


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