Should I believe in Fate?…Um Yes.

College Heights Herald-“Policy Creates New Aid” By:Shakia Harris
Today I stopped at Einstein’s and as I was exiting the building i happened to run into a really good friend of mine. This is a girl who is a double major in physics and math, maintains amazing grades, plus she takes honors courses so you can understand why she deserves to be at Western.  Yet the university wouldn’t work with her to help her out financially.  Instead of helping her out with financial aid or at least giving her an extension on the tuition deadline certain individuals in the financial aid department decided to give her a hard time and was forcing her to leave WKU THIS WEEKEND!!

After my friend finished telling me her story I couldn’t help but think about the article that i just wrote for the Friday, October 16th edition that featured on the front page the Western’s College Heights Herald.  The story was about an administrator who was taking funds out of his own administrative account and helping students just like my friend who were amazing academically but were unable to pay the bills.   He set everything up like a scholarship or work-study loan, set the students up with a campus job, and worked with them to create a plan to pay off the “loan” or earn the “scholarship”.  So i referred her to him immediately hoping that in the least he would consider making an appt to hear over her situation…he’s very hard to get ahold of.

Once i gave her the info I could tell she was skeptical and unsure if he could do anything but she was out of options so she took my advice and went to speak to this man that she had never even heard of. Hours had past and i was in the middle of a very intense battle with my Art Appreciation notes when my  friend knocked on the door of my dorm room and informed me of how her 3 minute meeting with him went.

Fate. It must’ve have been fate for me to run into her today for that brief period of time because had I not seen her she never would’ve went to see Dean Kahler and tomorrow she’d be packing up her room and leaving Western for good. But i did see her and she did meet with Kahler and in 3 minutes he completely changed her entire scholastic, financial, and emotional situation. Not only did he set her up with scholarships for this semester but next semester as well. I think that this is a wonderful example that the school needs to do more to keep those who are truly dedicated to their education, here at Western and stop wasting money on people with a .7 gpa, Seriously.

To read the article click here–>>“Policy Creates New Aid” By:Shakia Harris


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