Iraq Veteran discharged under "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" policy

Discharged under ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’-CNN
In this article it talks about an army veteran who was discharged from the army after he went public about his homosexuality thus violating the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy. I don’t understand why he shouldn’t be able to serve? According to the story he served two tour in Iraq, and was in the army for atleast 6 years where he was promoted several times. The man in question, Darren Manzella, seemed to be a very valuable asset to the army. I’m floored as to why the army just doesn’t allow these individuals from serving, especially when replacing them is not only wrong but going to cost them more money. I thought we lived in a country where discrimination from frowned up??? right??? If we’re going to disagree with racial discrimination then i think it’s only fair that we do away with discriminating against people because of their sexual orientation. I don’t feel like their sexual orientation is anyone’s business but their owns, and for the army to ‘discipline’ someone based on their orientation is beyond disgusting to me.

The most humane thing to do would be to do away with “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” and let individuals who are currently affected by the policy to serve without fear that their sexual orientation with bring harassment or termination.


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