Schibsted International editor Frederic Filloux says journalists must learn how to sell themselves and their content

By:Shakia Harris

Frederic Filloux, editor at Schibsted International, emphasized at the 16th World Editors Forum that journalists should be thinking long term and learn to promote themselves by selling their content with multimedia, blogs and other websites.

When Laura Olivier, editor of, United Kingdom, asked if it was possible for multimedia to be picked up late in the game, or if it’s something that must be learned as a student journalist, Filloux said that training at any stage is essential in the newsroom.

“The biggest collective failure when we’re facing the management of the newsroom is the training of people,” Filloux said. “We have failed to actually train our people to new techniques.”
He said that a keen sense of the business side of the media is extremely important and traditionally journalists are not very good at promoting themselves. He said that if they utilize the internet effectively then journalist can not only sell their content but themselves as well. Apart from publishing outlets, blogs and websites can also be viewed as resumes.

“You are actually a voice, you are actually a face, you are actually a publisher,” Filloux said.

When paired with good content he said that journalism and entrepreneurship are good ingredients to start publishing businesses as well.
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