Being a female in the workplace isn’t always ‘Peachy’. Fighting the sexual advances in the workplace…

I attended a conference in India last month and there was a forum about being a female in the workplace and it detailed the need for more women in executive position. Though I agreed I never really understood what a lot of women go through in order to reach the top. For one thing, the harassment or discrimination that one may face can be incredibly disheartening.

At the conference I was faced with the unfortunate circumstance that some of my male counterparts were unable to look past my ‘anatomy and physiology’ to take me seriously within the field. Instead of approaching me professionally they proceeded to flirt and make sexual advances towards me, thus straying from anything remotely related to journalism. At one point during the conference I was in the presence of an award winning journalist who had great tips working in the field, but to my dismay he wanted nothing more than an opportunity to have sexual relations with me. Mind you I’m a 19 year old college student not a prostitute. I did not travel to India to “hook-up”. I traveled to India to better myself as a journalist and meet people who could help me and give me advice.

It was incredibly discouraging for me when some of the men were at times transfixed by my breasts and curves. They referred to me as the “goody-goody” American at one point because I repeatedly turned down their advances. It was an eye-opener for sure. I was unaware that one of the qualifications for maintaining strong, ‘personal’ ties involved a positive response to the phrase, “Will you get naughty with me”.

As I gain more experience in the workplace I sincerely hope that I do not run into more awkward, disrespectful, and disheartening situations like the one I faced in India.

That little “blurb” did not overshadow the fact that India was an amazing opportunity and I definitely experienced more good than bad.


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