“Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is just like chess” ::Training Log- 6/29/10- No Gi

BJJ-Training Log- 6/29/10

I’ve decided to keep a log of my progress as I continue with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Today we trained for about two hours (give or take) No-Gi (without the white uniform, can be practiced either or).  Usually I have a tougher time on Tuesdays/No Gi BJJ because the warm-ups are typically more intense and paired up with the heat it’s a lot harder for me to keep up with the more athletic and experienced guys.  Today I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our warm-up was cut a bit shorter and today’s practiced focused more on learning techniques.  By “shorter” i mean we did different warm-ups so it didn’t feel as strenuous.Today we worked primarily on some takedowns and securing armbars .  After practicing techniques we were paired, by the instructors/more experienced fighters for 2-3 min. “takedown” bouts.

One of the guys, we like to call “Karate” said a very key thing to me at tonight’s practice that helped to lift my spirits, he said, “Jiu jitsu is just like chess.”  Simple yet powerful.

With me being one of the least experienced and smaller fighters of the bunch the first bout is always the most intimidating for me.  In the back of my mind I’m thinking “What the hell am I supposed to do,” but once we both jump right in it goes a lot smoother.  One of the guys, we like to call “Karate” said a very key thing to me at tonight’s practice that helped to lift my spirits, he said “Jiu jitsu is just like chess.” Simple yet powerful.  I think he could tell that I was discouraged by the weight and strength of the other guys but I try to remember that as long as I get the technique down pact I can do it.  It’s not always about strength..but it is nice to have it on your side.

This reminds me of a key factor when deciding who to live roll with.  As a smaller woman I am very weary of rolling with guys that try and “muscle” me.  There are some guys that don’t realize it while others I feel are taking the lazy road, regardless rolling with these types leaves me hurt, bruised, or discouraged.  I also no longer discriminate against my rolling partners based on size or appearance.  I’ve found that some of the largest and tallest guys have been the most encouraging and helpful, it just depends from person to person.  In general though when it comes to maintaining my guard, and performing submissions it’s easier to roll with someone whose frame is similar to mine otherwise the next day i find myself with exceptional hip soreness.

This will be my second month, which means i’ve attended about 10 practices (2 BJJ a week) and I’m getting more at ease with every practice.  I’m getting more fluid when I roll or spar with someone so I’m extremely pumped about that I just need to work on different takedown techniques and hopefully I can get the hang of some different submissions.  I’ve decided to look up a few moves and my goal is to be able to effectively execute them during live rolling, I’ll let you know how it goes!!

Most valuable tip of the day: (1)Under no circumstances should you eat chocolate ice cream or any ice cream for that

matter before practice. You will get sick and you will be embarrassed.  (2)It helps to push your hips up and stretch out during an armbar, or get an underhook of the person’s leg and bring it towards your head while securing the armbar, they’ll tap quicker.

Pet Peeve: With all the mounts, submissions, etc. BJJ is extremely “close” to say the least.  Today I noticed that some of the guy’s girlfriends were starting to linger while we trained which didn’t bother me until I noticed that a few in particular had a keen eye on me.  I’m drenched in sweat, probably smelling like a 225 lb. man and you’re eye-balling me because I just did an arm bar???  The “baby sitting” is really starting to irritate me.  The body language gives it all away, the girlfriends don’t like me.  I guess that’s just another thing I’ll have to get used to.  Oh well.

Moves I got my eye on for this week:

I am truly falling in love with this art.  It’s so demanding physically and mentally but after every practice I can’t help this overwhelming feeling of anticipation for the next class. Wish me luck!!

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