“Gas Tank on ‘E’” ::: Judo/BJJ/Sparring Training Log

Credit: Getty Images/Michael Steele

This morning I woke up feeling like a concrete block.  Yesterday I went to a sparring session at 4pm, which was then followed by Judo at 6:45. The sparring had an uneven amount of people so I did some yoga while the guys were going at it.  I thought that’d be a good way of preparing myself for judo or rolling later on that night.  I enjoy sparring but sometimes I just feel uncoordinated and slightly dread the leg kicks, I don’t know why but every time I try and do them the proper way it just feels like an epic fail.

Judo started with some warm-ups then training drills.  I haven’t done that many lunges since…well…I don’t know how longs it’s been but either way the lunges, Japanese pushups, and the awkward and painful partnered situps (not sure if that’s what they were) left me in PAIN. We proceeded to do a series of takedowns and I think I did well, my grips were tight and in the right place and was able to drop my partner properly each time.  We then rolled for 3 min bouts and I think I did well.

First roll, got the takedown, kind of bummed because I had the perfect setup for an omoplata but I couldn’t remember how to execute it. Second roll with the instructor, I got thrown, catapulted, and just plain launched but towards the end I almost got him.  He told me that with guys his size even though everything else I did was right on point, I needed to drop to my knees and then throw him, it would be easier than a hip throw. I tried that the next time and it worked like a charm…except my shoulder was slightly sore from throwing the guys.  By the third roll me and the new guy were both pretty worn out, and we both got takedowns but opted out of submitting each other, the heat had taken its toll on us and we were tired.

After class a few of us stayed behind to roll and work on our groundwork.  Unfortunately for me I had made the poor decision to not eat enough before class, which meant by this time my tank was on “E”.  I rolled with Soulath first, the guy I had submitted a few times last Friday so he came at me with the whole “I got something to prove” mindset and I could tell the minor adjustments he’d made were working for him. We rolled for quite sometime and  I worked on some of the sweeps and escapes I had drilled on Saturday/Friday.  I’m getting a little better at noticing opportunities to attack, every know and then a light bulb would go off in my head and the little voice would go ” Oh arm bar…Ooooh triangle…” lol.

After I rolled with him I took a break then rolled with Dave aka Karate.  Karate is one of my favorite people to roll with because he challenges me in just the right ways.  He’s got me by about 70 lbs. but he’s extremely helpful and is pretty good about putting me in compromising positions then giving me tips on ways to get out of them.  Usually our rolls are a bit more dynamic but my “gas light” had been on and my tank was indeed empty, he could tell.  Almost instinctively he went “You didn’t have much to eat beforehand, did you?” all I could do was nod and lay there.

**Most valuable tip of the day: (1) When trying to takedown the bigger guys drop to my knees then throw.  (2) EAT before practice.  Someone in the blogosphere had told me that eating broccoli helps tremendously with muscle fatigue and it gives you energy so I’m going to test that out.

**Moves I got my eye on:

Nothing too special this week just making tweaks and trying to find ways to improve what they’ve already been teaching me

  • Sweeps, particularly on larger opponents
  • Escapes
  • Perfecting the Kimura- I tried to get it in rolling but I wasn’t quite there
  • Omoplata– I keep getting the setup for it while rolling but my mind keeps going blank once I get that arm.

Peculiar Thought

As practice continues I’ve received my fair share of advances from the guys I train with, their friends, and some people who train in other cities have also tried contacting me which i find very flattering..a little weird but i appreciate the compliments. After working out in the heat for as long as we do the last thing I’m thinking about is being cute so it just kind of throws me off when I get hit on after class.  I asked one of the guys I train with about this and he said that seeing women active (bjj is VERY active) in such a way is sexy.  I still don’t get it but I just thought I’d mention it here and see what everyone thought of that.

I just think it’s funny how women spend so much time and money dolling themselves up when in fact gettin all grimy and sweating it all off ( in SOME cases) can be just as attractive. I used to be a little self-concious about the whole sweating my ‘face’ off and my hair out during class but now i’m just like ”to hell with it” i have bigger things to worry about like getting put in a nasty triangle. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the compliments, I just found their interpretation of beautiful to be…different.


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