“Operation Avoid Death Traps”

I’m pooped so i decided to combine these past two sessions into one.  Last week I took a break to visit family in Ohio which was great until I got back on the mat this past Friday, Ouch!

Me & Josh Johnson at the Hot Rods baseball game, Bowling Green, KY.



Friday’s session started around 7pm and ended around 9:30.  Some guys rolled with and without a gi, testing out different techniques.  I haven’t been to practice in a week due to an impromptu road trip to Ohio so I was really anxious to get back on the mat.  There were mostly new guys that night and it was great to see new faces and roll with different people…the con: I got slammed friday night while rolling with one of the new guys which thus resulted in a very sore left side, OUCH!!  Despite the minor setback of being dropped on my head I was still able to submit the guy via armbar 🙂 .  With that in mind though I think I’m going to hold off rolling with that particular guy until he can learn a few more techniques, tone the flailing down a bit, and avoid muscling/slamming me.  I tried to explain to the guy that when he’s trying to muscle out of something he’s only wearing himself out which gives me, the more relaxed and smaller one a chance to capitalize on that and submit him.

The session started with some warmups, pummeling, technique, and then liverolling, my favorite.  I wasn’t entirely sure of the skill levels of the new faces but they seemed polite so I asked three of the guys to roll and was able to submit two of the three.  To be frank I was surprised with submitting the first guy.  I asked him because I had noticed that he was properly submitting a few others and thought it’d be a good roll.  He’s significantly bigger but I took my time, BREATHED, and secured the armbar, we rolled again I got a rear naked choke.  It was a fun roll and the guy was a good sport about it.

I’m glad that I’m starting to notice improvements in myself while rolling.  I feel like I’m finally getting some of the techniques, although I still have a long way to go.

*Most Valuable Tip of the day: (1)If at first you don’t succeed try again.  You go for the submission and you don’t quite get it, that’s okay but move quick and go for something else. (2)When defending a choke, keep chin down, when trying to secure a choke if they put their chin down use your hand to push their head up by pushing up under their nose then tighten the choke.  Once you get it stretching out your legs during the choke helps tighten the hold.

**PET PEEVE: MUSCLING/SLAMMING:: Submitting the culprits helped on the inside, even though the outside was a little battered but I was lightweight pissed about the amount of muscling that was occurring at that session.  I’m the smallest one, i’m tough but at the same time my body is not a tank.  If i had a few more pounds to cushion the slams I may not have been as upset but In these past few days I’ve had time to train more and I know..or at least hope that the ego wasn’t the main driving force behind it. Hopefully in these next few weeks they’ll remember the proper ways to get out of things.  Until then i’m launching “Operation Avoid Death Traps” lol.

Saturday- 7/10/10

Saturday rolled with one of the guys from the school from 2pm to 4:30ish.  We mostly just worked out together and he gave me a chance to practice the things we had went over in the previous class.  Nothing too fancy during this session just a lot of tweaking, on my behalf.


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