“Respect the damn tap..”

Just got back from bjj practice (no gi) and practice was great until I rolled with a new guy and not only did he trach choke me, he didn’t respect the tap which led to me smacking/slapping him to let go. *Deep breath*… 2 hours of immeasurable soreness later I acknowledge the fact that he is new and that ‘it happens’.

“However tonight I realized something, I need anger management…I flirted with the idea of ignoring the bell and continue rolling…”

However tonight I realized something, I need anger management.  I went outside, attempted to breathe again (kinda hard to speak when they muscle choke you like that) then asked him to roll again.  Scratch that, I turned up my ipod and then asked him to roll again.  I wanted to kill him. Point blank. It took everything in my might not to bite and punch and kick him when he went to defend a rear naked choke, and then the bell rang.  I flirted with the idea of ignoring the bell and continue rolling..I almost wish that I had because then this incredible soreness on the right side of my throat would have been somewhat worth it.  Ugggh. Rationally speaking i’m sure the pain is what drove my anger..seeing as how i am STILL in pain.

On a lighter and much happier note, today we had quite a few people so that was cool, extra slippery but cool.  We mostly did takedowns, which lasted for what seemed like a lifetime but I like drilling takedowns because I forget half the grips for judo throws when we’re doing no-gi.

We then rolled and I think I rolled three or four times, and I rolled with Shannon, the only other girl currently, and it went good, she caught me in a choke but it was definitely nice to roll with her since we hadn’t in quite a while. I’ve gotten in the habit of staying after class and rolling with some of the blue belts and they’re great because they always give little hints and suggestions.

Before class me and three or four of the guys got together and I did another impromptu yoga class except for this was an actual class, filled with standing balances, sun saltuations, etc.  It lasted for an hour and i think they all benefited from it.  One of the guys was giggling on the way in during the middle of the session but his giggling ceased when he got involved.  The heat definetly added to the session.  By the end everyone seemed relaxed and rejuvenated and I loved how I felt moments before jumping into brazilian jiu-jitsu.

**I won’t be attending gi bjj this week or sparring due to work 😦 but i’ll still roll and probably do the yoga thing with the guys during the day.

–Thanks for reading, I’d like to mention that the traffic through my blog has been crazy I’m greatful for everyone that continues to read what little brown legs has to say.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    l0l yu r hilariouss ❤

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