“Being left for dead Doesn’t Mean that You have to die..”

Childhood in Lorain, Ohio (I'm on the far right)

“Don’t let mistreatment, abuse, injustice, unfairness, unkindness, or seemingly hopeless circumstances leave you crying uncontrollably and wallowing in days upon days of self-pity. Quiet down, listen to God for direction, then Shake it off! And keep moving forward!”- St. Stephens Church (Louisville, KY.)

In light of recent situations and hardships I thought it may be helpful to provide my readers that are going through some hardships with a message that literally kept me alive, point blank.  I’m a young strong-willed person but I wasn’t always this way and I still fight everyday to maintain my inner peace, and optimism.  I have been through some things that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  I have been used, dumped, discarded, abused, and homeless just to name a few.  My childhood was far from easy and as I venture through the winding road of adulthood I find the roadblocks that I’m beginning to come across as mere potholes, big enough to cause damage but small enough for me to keep going.  The key to my optimism, my hope, my survival rests in a single phrase spoken by Dr. Rev. Lance Watson, “Being Left For Dead Doesn’t Mean that You have to die.”

“…If you wanna know who god is going to greatly bless you got to look around you and see who is being greatly persecuted…”

Many people don’t understand why I even bother to wake up another day once they’ve found out half of the things that I’ve been through.  Honestly, I used to feel the same way as well but I believe (and if you don’t that’s fine) that God kept me alive.  When I look back on all that I have been through I cannot help but take that as a sign that I am meant for something amazing.  If i could go through all that…If i’m strong enough to make it then I’m destined for something amazing, something powerful.

Rev. Watson said, “If you ever again doubt your importance or value all you got to do is look back over your shoulder and see what god has already brought you through and kept you from…look over your shoulder and remember when nobody thought you would make it and if the truth be told you doubted ur own survival and yet god kept you in the midst of it all because you are someone special…”

Rev. Lance Watson

So many of us, especially young people, find ourselves in hard times that leave us feeling worthless, hopeless, and useless.  Oftentimes, at least for me, it seems like whenever I’m truly down the people I’d expect to be there are nowhere to be found, or too caught up in their minor issues to care.  The worst feeling in the world is to have to go through something catastrophic, alone.

Rev. Watson said, “It’s not ur sense of entitlement thats going to bring you into greatness, it’s your affliction that is going to qualify you for abundance...Endure hardness as a good soldier. You are not qualified until somebody lies on you, you are not qualified until somebody talks bout you like a dog, you are not qualified until somebody breaks your heart, somebody disappoints you, somebody walks out on you, somebody leaves you for dead.  If you wanna know who god is going to greatly bless you got to look around you and see who is being greatly persecuted because persecution always points to promotion…It’s all a setup, God is setting you up so that he can raise you up…”

I’m in no ways only speaking to my christian readers, i’m speaking to everyone that is human. I sincerely hope that this message can seve as a beacon of light to at least one of you that are finding yourself in intolerable circumstances.

“We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed and broken. We are perplexed, but we don’t give up and quit. We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going.”
2 Corinthians 4:8-9 (NLT)

Here is the actual sermon that many of these quotes came from, enjoy 🙂 :


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