“House of the Rising Sun”

Me & everyone (Etown & BG) after tyler's fight in Scottsville, KY

“There is a house in New Orleans..they call the rising sun..”-  For some odd reason “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals gets me so pumped up during workouts.

Yesterday proved to be a great day for training.  I met up with a couple of the guys and I lead a mixed yoga class at 11:30am. It lasted about an hour and half.  It ran longer than expected but they did great, after just a few sessions they were able to see slight inprovements in their balance and felxibility, which is great.  The big poses of that session were extended side angle, pigeon, camel, and lizard.  All are considered intermediate level poses but offer an amazing stretch.

I returned to the gym around 630 for the Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class and a good number of people showed.  I partnered up with Shannon for the drills.  As if I don’t say it enough on this blog but i love working with her, I don’t feel stupid I feel like i’m learning. She doesn’t talk down to you but works with you which is always a plus.  We worked on a couple throws, and I’m thankful for the amount of drilling we did because I actually feel like I could execute the throws during a judo class or while rolling.  We then drilled what i believe is a sweep (could be a takedown I guess) where you place your foot on your opponents hip while gripping the lapel and sleeve (it might’ve been both lapels) and then you fall, turn and grab the foot while shifting the hips and transition into an armbar.

During this drill I got a better grasp of the concept that the smallest technical details play the largest role in getting a submission.  Apparently when I went for the armbar I didn’t have a good enough grip of my partner’s arm, her elbow wasn’t pulled in far enough which only gave her a window to escape.

Camel Pose

After the drilling we did liverolling.  I rolled twice. Once with shannon and once with another guy.  The roll with Shannon went well, I was able to get a few sweeps and I was pumped because for the past few weeks I’ve been so concerned with my ability to sweep someone and I’m starting to get the hang of it!!  I’m starting to truly understand just how important weight/pressure distribution is in bjj.  Another small victory for me.*Fist Pump* lol.  Rolling with her always feel more technical, unlike many of the guys that make me feel like i’m in a heavyweight bout lol. I’m not sure how long we rolled for but all I know is afterward I thought my heart was going to explode.  It was so hot in the gym and by the second roll nearly everyone had went outside in search of a cool breeze, a light wind…really anything that was less hot and humid as the gym.

It was a pretty good class, I’m starting to feel better about bjj. I think I hit an emotional plateau last week that i’m finally out of.  For some reason last week I couldn’t kick the overwhelming feeling of “I suck, and will never learn anything”. After doing a bit of research it’s comforting to me to know that I’m not the only one who has moments like these. We’re all human.

After class I showered and met up with a few of the guys at Olive Garden.  As usual we were the last ones there, but I had a great time joking around with the guys.  We all come from different worlds but man when we get together the stories are priceless.

My neverending job search is placing my training availabilty in limbo but hopefully i’ll be able to round a few guys up for yoga tomorrow and train on Sunday.  I think i’ll do Yoga with the guys 3 or 4 days a week..I’ve always liked teaching but I’m glad to be able to share something with them that they seem to enjoy as well.

Until we meet again, Ciao!


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