“Sometimes I forget i’m the only lady on the mat”

Kesa Gatame

In light of personal circumstance and a heavy dose of allergy medicine this post will be short and sweet.

Went to Elizabethtown to train and it went well.  It wasn’t as structured today as I’m used to but I got to roll a bit so that was great.  I rolled with Debandi a few times, who has a fight August 7 and Arebelo, the brown belt that I accidentally slapped last time (still embarrassing).  Rolling went alright I think, the guys helped point out quite a few flaws in my technique which i’m eternally grateful for.  I learned a couple tweeks to secure my favorite submission a rear naked choke, as well as a few moves i can execute from kesa gatame so i’m glad i was able to pick up on it.  I guess this week i’ll try and focus on hip movement, and work on ways to adjust quickly while executing submissions.  We’ll see how this goes.  I’m just taking everything one step at a time.

Apart from all that though everyone mostly just rolled…rolled again..and rolled some more.  We didn’t start with warmups or drills, instead a few people had inquiries about different positions, today felt more like an ‘open mat’ i guess.  But they say the best way to get better is to roll with many different people and I believe that’s correct.

I tried to suppress my discomfort, due to the burning inferno manifesting itself on the inside of my face but by the time jiu-jitsu was over and everyone was preparing for kickboxing I knew me participating in kickboxing was a ‘no-go’. It just wasn’t happening today.  But in a nutshell even though i feel downright miserable, i thoroughly enjoyed class.

A funny side note i’d like to throw on here, there have been a few times when i’ve been the only girl at class, which doesn’t bother me because it’s never an issue and the guys are always respectful but today it was kind of funny to watch how it changed certain situations.  Sometimes I forget I’m the only lady on the mat.  Today after the class we all hung out for a bit and one of the guys went to tell an off-color joke…let’s just say it involved a gynecologist and a pizza delivery man lol.  The guy began adamantly telling the joke and then stopped right at the climax when he noticed my brown eyes staring at him with anticipation.  I wasn’t staring because i was disgusted or offended, I was staring because  I was genuinely entertained and anxious to see just what a gynecologist and a pizza man had in common.  Needless to say he hesitated to finish the joke because he felt a bit awkward, but did so after some coaxing.  I guess I didn’t realize how careful the guys were until today.  I appreciate the effort, i really do, but i enjoy a good joke every now and then as well 🙂 , Nevertheless today was a good training day

Update: Apparently I don’t just have allergies I also have the 24 hour flu, oh joy..lets just hope it’s really going to last 24 hours.  I have yoga and judo to look forward to tomorrow.


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