“Turning a new leaf”

Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been busy with two jobs, a new guy, college woes, and training plateaus.  I’ll start with last week. Last weekend flu-like symptoms paired with personal woes left me in the dumps.  Tuesday class was No-Gi, packed, and very slippery.  We drilled kimura attacks, sweeps, and a few other things.  One of the guys pointed out an adjustment in my base that i hadn’t even noticed.  Apparently my yoga’s paid off because whenever i’m in someone’s guard and i go to sit in base i can sit my butt completely on the floor.  At first it seemed trivial but apparently that makes it more difficult to sweep me from that position.  Now if only i could get my training up to the point to where I can make that fully benefit me.  Anywho, half sick or not I enjoyed practice and seeing all the guys, especially the ones that came in from Etown.

Thursday’s practice came and it went.  I ended up missing half the practice due to work which sucked.  Tip: working 10 hours a day and then going straight to bjj sucks major..well.. you know. I managed to have  just enough time to roll with a few people. The heat didn’t help much, and at times I felt out of whack but I’m getting better so that’s a plus.  I got in a nasty armbar which left me a bit sore but I thought I could work my way out of it.  Another thing I noticed is that my flexibility seems to have given me a few more seconds to survive whenever someone goes for an armlock or whatnot.

On the plus side i’ve found a new job (THANK GOD) which means I’m getting out of my slump and back to my old self.  This week i get off just in time to make it to practice so hopefully more progress is made.  The other day Karate Dave offered more kind words.  He told me that in jiu-jitsu you don’t get worse, you may get stagnate but you don’t get worse. I’m not sure how much water this statement holds but I understand what he’s getting at.

One thing I would like to get some feedback on is the idea of dating within the gym, whether it be training partners, other fighters, or worse..*Cue the dramatic music*..instructors.  With training being as time consuming and as ‘close’ as it is, attraction festers. Everyone has their reasons for acting on such impulses and rational Shakia would normally say “Don’t do it, especially if it’s something casual,” but it varies with each situation. I for one wouldn’t want to go to practice and have to deal with a bitter ex, failed fling, etc.  The mat just isn’t the place for that type of drama. I’m the type of person that would prefer to leave that kind of stuff at home but like I said earlier it all just depends. In all seriousness I would love to know what the women that train think about this.

A domani!!

4 Responses to ““Turning a new leaf””
  1. slideyfoot says:

    That topic is mentioned briefly in a Fightworks Podcast episode, and semi-related post by Megan over on her excellent blog. Both a bit tongue-in-cheek, though.

    Personally, I’d be careful. While on the one hand it would be awesome having a training partner available all the time (I’ve been trying to get my gf into BJJ for a long time), on the other it could get very, very unpleasant if things didn’t work out. I can think of several nasty break-ups between training partners, that resulted in them training at different places, and the rest of the academy taking sides.

    Of course, that’s the pessimistic view: if it did work out, could be fantastically brilliant great, among other superlatives.

  2. shakiaharris says:

    it’s funny because i’ve encountered the girls that only come with their boyfriends and then i’m one of the few that started training because I love bjj and just so happened to meet the guy i’m in a relationship now while training. It’s nice because he’s a really good blue belt and he helps me but whenever i do well sometimes they’ll say “oh did so&so show you that?” or there are times when it’s a little distracting. Overall it’s going good i was hesistant at first because I’ve seen firsthand what happens when people date seriously, casually, or even get pregnant by the person they train with and it leaves a big mess for many innocent bystanders.

    • slideyfoot says:

      I hope it goes well for you both, and definitely something to take full advantage of at home. If my girlfriend trained, I’d be drilling technique with her whenever I could. I ordered that Andre Galvao book people have been recommending to me a little while ago, so will have to see if she’s up for doing any of the stuff in there (I’m assuming most of it will be two-person drills, but if its mostly solo, that would make things easier).

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