My Second MMA Fight:Glasgow, KY

Here are the guys after the Glasgow fights, (left to right) Derrick, Burrell, Mooney(down),Josh Johnson, & Debandi

Last Saturday I went with a few of the guys to my second mma fight in Glasgow, KY and thankfully it was less tramautizing than the last.  I’m kidding the last wasn’t that bad but the fights in Glasgow were thoroughly entertaining.

There were quite a few of us that went to support Derrick, Burrell, and Debandi.  Overall i believe there were a total of 20 scheduled matches.  The 2  grappling matches  seemed to last forever and weren’t very entertaining. I think there were 18 (give or take) MMA fights, although a few of them could be counted as grappling matches as the fighters seemed to have forgotten that they were allowed to throw punches (hot mess).

It was funny to watch the guys from different fight schools go at it because in all honesty it just made me all the more confident in my choice to train with BG Beatdown/Etown Beatdown.  Some of the guys didn’t know how to shrimp, oompa, or even defend a triangle, and by no means am I saying that I’m some jiujitsu beast because I’m not, but it just seems to me that when going into a fight the basics should be covered and I didn’t see much of that Saturday night.

One of the highlights of the event would definitely be the extent of theatrics that were intentionally/unintentionally included on behalf of the fights. From zebra skin bootyshorts/nut-huggers to patriotic themed haircuts to midgets kicking giants in the face to the point their mouth guard goes flying, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

All of the guys won their fights in the first round I believe so that was also exciting to watch.  Burrell won his with an Americana, Debandi won his due to ref stoppage, and Derrick’s was definetly the most exciting to watch being that he won his to a TKO, unortunately his opponent had to be carried away on a stretcher but it was still pretty entertaining.

I can’t lie though watching the guys square up only increased my desire to fight one day…keyword one day lol. Maybe in a year’s time or so, I guess we’ll just see what happens.  All in all it was a great night for Etown Beatdown & BG Beatdown.

—So last week’s training went a lot better. Here’s a brief recap of events

Tuesday’s No Gi BJJ

No gi aka mini waterslide, class went great. Some of the etown guys have been showing up consistently which is making class more enjoyable. I really like rolling with a few new people every now and then.  I’m just trying to work on finding a few go to moves, but i’m still new so we’ll see how it goes.  So far I think I’m improving so that’s a good sign.

Wednesday’s Muay Thai Kickboxing

I’ve become a big fan of elbows lately.  I’m starting to really enjoy kickboxing so I’m going to try and attend it as regularly as possible. I plan on getting a mouth guard relatively soon so that I can spar with the guys and see just how much I really like it.

Thursday’s Gi BJJ

Lately we’ve been working on transitioning from half guard to mount/side control/etc.  I rolled a few times but the details are a bit hazy.  I’ve noticed that some of the guys are starting to ask me to roll which makes me feel pretty good.  I remember when I first came I had a set few people that I would ask and now that I’ve been training for  a little over 3 months I feel like the techniques are starting to stick and I’m able to  roll enough to survive, which is good enough for me right now.


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