That’s not my name

Thursday night’s class was great.  We drilled for quite a bit focusing on some arm triangles from guard and takedowns.  I’m trying to get my takedowns down pact but I’m not feeling too consistent on executing them.  I’m getting better at defending takedowns but it seems like no matter how many times we do livetakedowns I can’t seem to execute them effectively against someone that’s fully resisting. 

As usual I paired up with Shannon and we got some good rolls in. I tried to watch out for that lethal triangle that almost finished me last time, and then I rolled with a few others.  At the end of class I worked with a few guys to work on my kimura.  It’s a submission i’ve become quite fond of but I always have trouble executing it while rolling.  One of the guys showed me a variation from side control and the other helped me from guard.  I like the idea of the submission but I haven’t been keeping my leg on the back (or shoulder)  to finish. The guys told me to jerk my opponent as hard as possible to help create some momentum to swing myself over to finish it.  As my boyfriend so eloquently put it, “Jerk that son-of-a-bitch off,” in reference to grabbing the arm and swinging my body whilst maintaining my leg over their back.  A  little humor paired with some hard training goes a long way.

Pet Peeve: In light of my recent relationship it seems that some of the newer guys have opted to refer to me as “D******’s Girlfriend”….yea…that’s not my name.  Since I’m dating one of the guys I train with I expected a few off-color jokes here and there.  However, when I pair up to roll with someone and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is “Oooh I better be careful I don’t want ****** to come over here,” I can’t help but grow irritated and all the more anxious to lock in a rear naked. 

On a lighter and much happier note I’m practicing yoga more often making it a point to include more backbends and twists (camel pose & noose pose especially). I’m ready for tomorrow’s class in Elizabethtown, I got myself a mouthguard so I’ll be giving the kickboxing class a go after no gi bjj. Wish me luck.


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