“Don’t go easy on em’….”


These past few days of training have been very rewarding.  Went to Etown for bjj sunday and  class was a decent size.  There  were a few new guys there so I teamed up with Barber and Arebelo for most of the partner drills/warmups.  We drilled straight leg locks and it was something I had gotten caught in last week but i had never tried.

“..I didn’t roll much due to me jamming my left thumb and partially due to laziness which i’ll own up to…”

I paired of with Arebelo and he helped me a lot I just had to remember that once i went to fall/sit down i needed to keep my foot on the hip and position it so that my opponent is unable to create space and fish under the foot to free him or herself.

Last week while rolling with Kessinger I think I was put in a leg or ankle lock (not sure which it was) and even though i had no idea what was happening he’s a purple belt so I knew he’d handle the submission with care but the idea of performing said leglocks during training kind of scares me.

We drilled a few other things and then the liverolling commenced.  I didn’t roll much due to me jamming my left thumb and partially due to laziness which i’ll own up to. I rolled with Mooney and it went alright, I survived and tried to be quick. He’s a great wrestler and he commented that it was hard to work certain sweeps or butterfly guard due to my flexibility so I guess that’s a good thing.  I also rolled with Tipton, one of the first guys I had met in Bowling Green and I could tell that he was rolling tougher this time than the last time that we met.  We spent a great deal of time in my guard, partially because I wanted to get that kimura I had been drilling with the guys and also due to the fact that I didn’t feel too confident going for an armbar.

Last night was Judo night and it was led by Karate Dave and Tyler.  They mixed it up a bit and that made for a pretty fun class.  There were more new guys there so I didn’t really roll afterward.  We worked on a few things from turtle including a guillotine, triangle, and my favorite the rear naked.  After drilling we did some live takedowns and that’s always fun.  During takedowns i was paired up with ‘one of those guys’.  When we paired up I noticed he looked a bit hesitant and then promptly said that he didn’t want to hurt me..almost as if I had no chance in taking him down…hmmm..i look forward to rolling with him tonight :).  Those guys humor me now.  After takedowns one of the guys pulled me aside and told me not to go easy on the new guys, especially ones like that.

After class Dave gave a few good tips about takedowns and ways to approach your opponet.  I’m glad because now I have a better idea of how to incorporate thejudo throws with the single and double leg takedowns.  Neddlessto say i’m feeling pretty good going into practice today, got a little of my confidence back and i’m doing yoga with the guys tonight before class.  I’m sure I’ll have something interesting to report back.

–Brown Legs

Most Valuable Tips:

—Leg Locks: keep your foot on their hip to keep them from escaping then pinch the knees together and finish

Takedowns: Get the clinch, chuck the arm up if you have to and if you’re positioned right go for the hip throw, on bigger guys drop to your knees and then throw.

Turtle Position: if you can’t get that other hook in you can reach around through the collar and go for an arm triangle or lock the hands and jerk up to create some space…i prefer the arm triangle.

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  1. jim says:

    duuuuuuude, wassssssup

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