“My Aching Back…Muchas Gracias Elizabethtown Beatdown”

Yesterday I went to Etown with the Bowling Green guys to train. Although my sole motivation for going was to let off some steam from the previous night, i left feeling like I had really learned a bunch of different techniques.  Double A led the warmups and I damn near died from them, which could be a good thing but it could also mean that my body’s been spoiled by the “light” warmups in bowling green.  After warmups we teamed up with partners and did lunges, which we carried our partner on our shoulders (oh fun lol) and then we did other partnered drills like setting up for knee bars, some leap frog type activity, takedowns, and we worked from guard.  Oh i can not being to explain how thankful i am for the guard work, afterall repetition is the father of learning.

Double Leg Takedown

My guard sweeps are a mess so I worked mostly only armbars, triangles, & the kimura. I worked with Landon and that boy is something else…he is definetly going to be a monster one day.


Got some great feedback during takedowns, with the double leg i have to remember my head placement and also to go to the correct side, grip the bicep when doing a hip throw, and be aggressive. A lot of the guys were practicing the low single leg takedown Randy Couture used against James Toney in Saturday night’s UFC 118.

Couture finishing James Toney, UFC 118

Worked on finishing the choke from back mount and learned something new from Tipton. If you’re going for a rear naked and they’re defending the finishing arm,  lock your hands & use your head as leverage against there’s, and then finish the choke that way.  Although it’s key to remember that while finishing the choke you have to push your elbow in the direction away from your clasped hands.  I know it sounds like a lot and it’d be easier if i remembered what this was called but it works pretty great.  Apart from the untitled choke tipton showed me I tried the 10 finger guillotine we learned in class last Thursday but my application of leverage needs work.


Ten Finger Guillotine

After the drilling, guard work, and finishing the choke from back mount the rolling commenced.  I think there were 3 minute bouts, and I rolled with Debandi, Mooney, Double A, Josh for a little bit, and a few others I think but I’m drawing some blanks.  Debandi helped me out a lot with trying to pass the butterfly to make it to half guard, Mooney is one of my favorite people to work with because he lets me work and it’s always a good time.  He helped me with leverage this time.  He was able to sweep me several times and after we rolled we broke down how and that helped tremendously.  One of the key things arebelo noted that i do quite frequently is that when I have someone in my guard i reach to far to setup a kimura and what keeps happening is that they reverse the grip and end up trapping my arm beneath my back.  He showed me a quick way to get my arm untrapped and he also worked me on a few other things.

By the time we had made it halfway back to bowling green and stopped for food I could already feel the strain in my lower back, and although it blows to be this sore I see it as a pretty good day of training.  I’m so glad I went up there to train, and I’m especially thankful for all the critiques and extra bit of help.

One thing is certain I’m going to increase my yoga workouts due to the increase strain and soreness but I may also take a brief hiatus from training.  It hasn’t been that great to my body or my mind lately.



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