Great Job BG Beatdown, 6-1 at Hardrock MMA 26!!

Rob Mooney, Ashcon Karbasi, Josh Johnson

I’ve been working and trying to keep up with training so the blogs have been neglected but have no fear a few more posts courtesy of me 🙂 are here. Here’s a quick tidbit on how the guys did at the last fight in Bowling Green, KY.  The BG Beatdown/Etown Beatdown team went 6-1 for the night.  We were supposed to have 10 guys fighting but od to opponents backing out or failing physicals, ultimately 7 guys fought that night.

Bryce walking into the cage

The night itself was extremely fun.  Luckily it was in Bowling Green, where we all mostly train so it was a pretty good turnout, complete with family, friends, and work colleagues.  I got to meet some of the family of the guys/girl i train with and that was nice to have something to associate with them besides sweaty mats and submissions.  The first fight of the night was Bryce’s and i was nervous.  I had found out he was facing a different guy. When I first caught a glimpse of the guy he was taller and larger than bryce but Bryce handled his own and the ref had to stop the bout.  Congrats Bryce!!  **Click here to watch Bryce Owen’s fight**

Some of the other guys to have exciting fights were Tyler Young, I mentioned his big win against Sawyer Rich a few months ago back in Scottsville and he had a very impressive performance.  I later found out that night he earned himself a sponsorship with Destructive Gear.  Congrats Tyler!!  Here’s some quick info on his next bout: Tyler Young vs Joe Maiani for the Hardrock MMA Featherweight Title,  145 lbs on Oct 23rd in Elizabethtown, KY.

Jimmy winning his match

Jimmy’s fight also had a lot of people on their heels.  He started out pretty rough, the striking was getting the better of him but once on the ground he sealed the deal with a triangle choke.  His opponent didn’t seem to have much ground experience as he put himself in a position to get “triangled” three consecutive least from my count.  I sat with Jimmy’s girlfriend Sara (one of the few, very few, girlfriends that actually speak to me) and she’s great but it is so nerve wrecking to watch the person you’re involved with in the cage.  There’s always that “what-if” factor in the fight, so I tried to reassure her that he’d be fine.  I could tell the anticipation and of course the actual fight were driving her a little crazy.  It seemed like she had a good time though, so that’s a good thing.

The majority of the guys dominated their fights including the title fight featuring Aschon  “Car Bomb” Karbasi.  Ashcon’s fight vs Kyle Pearson for the 185 Hardrock Amateur Title was a pretty good. (I put a vid of the fight at the bottom of this post). His fight had to be stopped by the ref I believe and it was a great way to top the night off..well kind of.  The fight after party was a pretty good time as well.  It was nice to be able to have a night out with the guys that train in Etown since I only see them once a week.  Tipton came out with his wife, and the Barber was also present.  Fluid night club hosted the after party and it was eventful to say the least.

The one true downer to the night was the fact that Debandi’s guy failed his physical so he didn’t get to fight.  As a girlfriend I’m supposed to be somewhat relieved that he wasn’t going to be “put in harm’s way” (not that I thought that would happen) but as his training partner I was pissed. It’s upsetting to watch guys train hard day in and day out, to give there all and cut weight only to hear an hour before their fight that it had gone to waste because their guy backed out or failed his physical/drug test.  I was upset and i could tell he was disappointed but after a few beers he put that aside and cheered his teammates on.


2 Responses to “Great Job BG Beatdown, 6-1 at Hardrock MMA 26!!”
  1. Ashcon Karbasi says:

    Turkish Jew Bosnian huh!! Thats messed up girl!

  2. shakiaharris says:

    omg ashcon that’s from 2 years ago lol It should instead say something about donuts & how m uch i love you.

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