“This Gi’s a little too big for me…”

Thursday’s class is usually scheduled for gi,however the past month or so we’ve trained in no-gi primarily because of the heat.  As i rushed to class from work, expecting another no-gi class led by Josh Johnson and it surprised to see everyone suited up in their gis and ready to go…hmmm…oh poo.  Seeing as how my gi was all the way at my house I broke the gi code by using my boyfriends.  He’s been out the past few weeks due to an injury sustained from a heel hook and I had hoped no one would notice..but that would be too easy.  The guys cracked a few jokes about how we’ve entered the “close swapping” stage during warm ups and then the training commenced.

We did some live takedowns, except Josh placed three guys in the middle and had them throw everyone in class & then he alternated those in the middle.  This was different but change is good, as I was able to work on breaking my falls.  I found it funny when one of the guys said which judo throw he was going to do except i have NO IDEA what those strange words translated to until I went flying lol, thanks for the notice though 🙂 .

Spider Guard

We also worked on some Spider Guard work including standing to base and sweeping the opponent.  I worked mostly with Shannon on this one and it was interesting. I can only recount maybe one or two other times when I’ve drilled spider guard, so I was rusty to say the least.  I lack the coordination necessary to effectively use spider guard quickly but I think with practice and repetition I’ll get better.

I rolled with  a few people including Ashcon, Cayo, Shannon, Jimmy, and a mini bout with Dalton.  As usual being submitted is a learning experience and these people were great at helping me work and pointing out errors in technique or lapses in judgement.  While I was rolling with Ashcon he pointed out that my shrimping/upas were getting better but I noticed that I needed to move a bit quicker or I’d keep getting caught in disabling positions. The roll with Cayo was also great.  I can’t recall the last time we rolled in Gi and he helped me a lot as well.  Underneath all the accents and tattoos lies a very kind-hearted and helpful man lol.  But in all seriousness he helped me a lot and i even tried to grab him after everyone finished rolling to grab a few more pointers.

Rolling with Jimmy may have felt the most beneficial at the end of the week.  He showed me a series of sweeps including how to roll and escape when someone’s mounting you which I used more times than I could count the following day training in Owensboro, KY at Nice Guys Submission Grappling.  He also worked with me on ways I could improve my pressure.  As the smallest one of the bunch my pressure is an issue, and in situations where I’m on top my breast have become an issue but he helped me to pinpoint a way to increase my pressure without hurting myself, or causing myself to feel the least bit violated.

Overall it was a great class!! Josh showed some great technique and reminded me yet again why I chose to train with BG/Etown Beatdown.  They’re always more than willing to help out those that want to be helped.

2 Responses to ““This Gi’s a little too big for me…””
  1. leslie says:

    Pressure’s an issue for me, too, and my guys have been working a lot with me on that. I recently was told that I felt like a 200-lb man in side control, so I think it might be helping. 😛 They’ve told me that the general idea is to narrow the focus of my weight to the right spot. Since I’m smaller and weigh less, I can’t try to pressure their entire torso with mine, because I’m just not big enough, so I have to focus on attacking smaller and more sensitive areas — e.g., my shoulder against their jaw is an easier contest for me to win. I use my shoulder rather than my chest, and then try to pin all my weight in that one spot. Sometimes I even turn up slightly toward their hips, so that I’m balancing a bit on that one shoulder. I try to use my skeleton rather than my muscles to create the discomfort and the pressure. And think “Heavy” (or pretend to be a rock or a mudslide or whatever imagery helps your body weight sink down into that area).

    P.S. The bridge & roll escape from mount is generally written as upa. No relation to small orange men. 😉

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