“Training with some “Nice Guys””

I won’t lie I was pretty nervous about going to train with the guys from a partnering school.  Whenever I asked about what to expect from the guys I heard the same thing over and over again: ‘watch out for the LEG LOCKS and HEEL HOOKS.’ For the most part they’re known, and especially their purple belt from up there is well known as a ‘specialist’ of sorts in leg locks.  I’ve only been training for a few months and quite frankly I can barely defend an attack against my feet/legs.  Discouraged or not I went along with Tyler and Jimmy.  I figured it’d be a humbling experience (not that I have an ego anyways) and I always enjoy training with people from partnering schools.  I’m glad I didn’t let the comments scare me because I ended up having a great time!! I had fun rolling and I even paired up with one of the guys who helped me with my striking once the class ended.

The class started at 6 p.m. and commenced as an open mat.  I ended up rolling more than a dozen times for 3 minute bouts.  Training at a new place  can be nerve racking but  beneficial in the same sense.  When the bell rang to signal the first roll everyone had paired up, I looked around to see if anyone was willing to go with me but all that was left was one other girl that was present.  I wasn’t sure of her experience but asked her to roll anyways.  One thing I noticed right off the bat is that my control is getting better.  I ended up catching her in an arm triangle and then I finished with a Kimura.  She was nice but I did feel like a bully after the roll.  I’m so used to rolling with the larger guys I didn’t think to tone it down a bit.   It’s weird for me to say this because I’m not good, I just happened to come across someone who had trained less than me.

Even though I was warned to protect my legs I was glad that the guys went for many different things.  I think some of our guys were disheartened at their own ability to execute/defend leg attacks and may have been a little bit excessive in their warnings to me.  There were a few blue belts in attendance and I had fun rolling with themt.  At one point I rolled with what seemed to be the largest guy in the room, he was well over 6 feet tall and his weight, I could only imagine.  He went for a choke I believe but it wasn’t very tight so he instead threw most of his weight in and after a beautiful POP i tapped from a neck crank. Ouch. They were all pretty athletic and great strikers for the most part.  I’m glad I didn’t let word of mouth scare me because it was a great experience and I look forward to going back to train with them.  I’m glad I was able to hold my own against the guys, just another reason to be thankful to everyone in BG.

–Luckily the mount escapes Jimmy had showed me just the previous night had worked wonders for me, I lost count of how many times I was able to reverse the dominating position *fist pump*.

After rolling I worked with A*** on my striking and he was very helpful and technical.  At the end my side was cramping and mind was in jumbles from trying to keep up with the different combinations but at the end of the day I felt like I had really progressed and that is a wonderful feeling.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helpful Tips:

**If you’re unable to escape but able to create some space and stall, your opponent will likely shift to something else in fear that they’re not executing the submission correctly.  After so much time has passed they start to reconsider the position and may move to make adjustments which can give you a chance to capitalize on the lapse in judgement and survive.

Striking Helpful Tips:

**Keep elbow straight while striking (I was letting mine creep up, but am tweaking it with repetition).

**Lean forward into your strike & throw your hips into your hook.

***BREATHE!! <<– I’m so used to breathing internally because of yoga so the idea of grunting heavily aloud is uncomfortable to me,  however it’s useful and necessary.


I have taken out any names and the gym name/location of the gym that I visited on this occasion.  In efforts to avoid stepping on any toes I will no longer include specific, identifiable information about any gym outside of the main one I train at, positive or negative.





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