“Be Consistent. Be Be Consistent..”

Sunday I went to Etown with a few of the guys and the ride there alone really set the tone for the rest of my day.  I had an amazing time spending time with guys and training.  With all

Mooney heading into the cage

the stress in life sometimes you lose sight of all the people close to you that are willing to be there for you, that’s for sure.  I was especially glad to see Mooney at class especially because he had a fight the night before, where he won via rear naked choke (Go Mooney!!), and double A’s daughter was also there so it was nice to meet her.

Warmups started, led by double a which means “RIP Shakia”.  Surprisingly I survived a little longer than the last time he led them.  I was partnered with his daughter for most of the drills then I worked in with Herrington and Ashcon.  We drilled the armbar and triangle from open guard.  With the armbar variation we practiced it by controlling the arm being attacked whilst grabbing his opposing shoulder and holding him down while we finish the armbar.  I liked it, but i had a hard time remembering to grab that shoulder, but it does keep them from posturing up, unless they’re the hulk in which case, scramble accordingly.  We did the triangle->armbar->sweep the leg & finish the armbar variation and Herrington gave me some really good tips to help keep mine tight. Gracias!!

Sunday I rolled with Ashcon and hands down is probably the ‘funniest’ roll to date.  He’s a funny guy when he’s not staring at himself in the mirror, so when he caught me in a funky position he’d make little smart comments like “ooh that doesn’t feel too good,” so i got on him about whispering in my ear.  We laugh too much, but it’s like Josh said in a years time they won’t have time to talk to me they’ll be to busy concentrating.  I rolled with Mooney twice and he kept me moving that’s for sure.  Lots of scrambling and contorting my body in funny shapes to survive.  The roll with Double A was alright as well.  It’s intimidating rolling with a brown or black belt as it is but he makes it fun.  He lets you work but there’s always that voice in the back of the head that goes “i think i can go for this, but how is he going to get out of it.”  It’s the anticipation that always distracts me.

When i was talking to Josh sunday night he noticed that I’m getting better at training but sometimes that “flow” comes and it goes and i whole heartedly agree so my goal this week is to work on consistency.  Be Consistent, Be  Be Consistent 🙂

–Sidenotes: Be conscious of who you partner with, especially if you’re genuinely taking it serious and trying to get better.  Try to get someone with the level of dedication you possess, otherwise it’s almost distracting when you’re going all out to learn/ refine technique and they’re half-assing it.

When finishing the armbar keep the knees tight, otherwise they’ll be able to work out of it.  This is one thing i DEFINITELY noticed and hopefully more drilling will fix it.

–Be aggressive, but not dumb muscly aggressive.  especially as a girl, I see it as “hell it’s worth a shot, i might not get to side control but half guard’s better than getting swept and being mounted & crushed”.

Once again thanks to everyone that showed up to train, especially Arebelo and Josh, I’m very grateful for all the help.

2 Responses to ““Be Consistent. Be Be Consistent..””
  1. Training BJJ says:

    Good luck with working on your consistency. I find it to be one of the most challenging things to deal with when training. Everyone has different schedules and it really matters what part of the day you train. For instance I find our noon class to be filled with people who work nights. Most come to class well rested and refreshed. The rolls seem more intense and focused as opposed to our night class which has more of a “mentally drained” feel to it. Most of us are 9-5 guys at night – obviously and it is a whole different dynamic than the day classes.

    Good luck staying consistent!


    I also liked your little side note on the importance of a good training partner.

  2. shakiaharris says:

    thanks, the changed mindset has helped a lot and I’ve recently been digging into “Jiu Jitsu University” by Saulo Ribiero and it’s helping a lot.

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