“I got a Gi, I got a Gi..Hey Hey Hey Hey”

So Monday night I couldn’t train due to work but I did come home to a great gift, that only few can appreciate. I got a new gi!!! Courtesy of one of my favorite people in my life.  What’s even better is not only does it actually fit me (ass and all lol) it’s kickass with people doing kickass stuff on the back of the jacket.  So i’m actually excited for gi night tomorrow.  Granted my carpal tunnel is bound to rain on my parade, one way another.  I’m going to enjoy this motivation while it lasts. Please excuse me, I can’t help but break into song a little bit…think little rascals meets bjj lol…”I got a gi, I got a gi, i got a gi hey hey hey hey.”

Last nights no-gi class was great and I had a blast!! Scott led the warmups & they were INTENSE, in every way shape and form.  He did a good job of pushing people.  My legs felt like jello, and i think my lungs jumped shipped altogether but I did what i could.  We drilled takedowns, led by Kessinger and I’m so glad to say that yes my little light bulb clicked last night (thank god).  I did takedowns with Bianca, who is a bit smaller than the guys i usually work with, and by smaller I mean fiesty but with petite hands and feet.  Anywho we worked on controlling the wrists/arms, arm drags, going for double underhooks w/ a gable grip

me & my new gi

and then taking the opponent down either with your head on their back keeping them from posturing up, or if they successfully posture up you can go for a few versions of the single leg.

The one with your head on the back he showed it with getting your body around, your right foot aligned with theirs, stretching your left leg straight behind them & then sitting and finishing the takedown which can end you up on top or in side control, depending.  If they posture up then that lends itself to you placing your head on their hip/stomach area & reaching down to pick the nearest ankle and using the other arm to reach to the opposing knee then using your shoulder to drive them down.  The guys & bianca helped me a lot and I drilled it to the point where I actually may remember it tomorrow (yay!).

We did live takedowns and i actually started going with the larger guys like Ashcon just so I could actually get some work in.  There are so many guys 180 and below that are all standing in line essentially and at times it takes forever to try to do the takedowns so I just went to the larger guys and learned a few things.  They weren’t newbie big guys, they were blue belts or whites that had trained a while so i was in good hands but they definitely helped me a lot and i felt more comfortable when i finally got that chance to go with someone my size.


Debandi performing a double leg on bryce


Most notably Shannon wore me out, plain & simple.  By the grace of god (and coaching from Ashcon) i got in position to do that wizard thing the guys were shouting from the sides of the mat but her control is really good and i was so exhausted it wasn’t happening so we scrambled a bit and i think i landed on her one way or another.  I also got a double leg on bianca, but i need to work on my placing my head carefully so i don’t get hurt.  It was a good takedown and some of the guys  commented that i looked like my boyfriend because it’s what he mostly uses. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Then the rolling commenced.

I rolled with Bianca and stayed in mount mostly.  She held on to those arms pretty well because I had trouble trying to set up for an armlock, or arm triangle.  I’m glad my mount’s getting better and i didn’t get swept.  Rolled with Soulath next and caught him with a pretty deep arm triangle after transitioning from mount.  He’s working a lot harder and focusing on technique more, which makes me happy so see he’s catching on. Rolled with Ashcon and he didn’t whisper in my ear like he did last time lol.  He helped me with some half guard stuff.  He’s not half bad once you get past his insistent self-promotion, and big nose lol (just kidding, kind of 🙂 ). Rolled with Bryce and actually survived, i think he got me in a body triangle at one point and they hurt like hell but i tried to hold on a bit longer.  I’m getting better against him but he always it pretty helpful and after he rolls I like that he’ll show me ways he landed the submissions and other little tricks. First night in a long time i didn’t get to roll with shannon, class was just that big.  I’ll work with her on thursday, she’s always a pretty good judge of my progress.

Overall an amazing night training, I’m just trying to stay consistent and work harder.


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