“Use this move on the mat, in a street fight…even at Aeropostale..”

Today I feel like jello, but it’s a good thing.  This past week’s been considerably better as far as tracking my progress and staying consistent. Went to Etown today, as usual and I was in for quite a surprise.  Josh led a seminar in Owensboro at Nice Guys gym so I had expected Double A or Mooney to teach and instead I was greeted by a new and very informative face.  Today’s class was led by Mack (black belt) and i took away A LOT.   He showed a few escapes/submissions from Kesa Gatame/Scarf hold and while defending a single leg attack.  Mack was particularly good at showing modified versions of the positions/submissions and even associated them with everday life.  Most notably were the positions for training, mma bouts, street fights, or random scuffles in Aeropostale 😉 .

Single Leg::–We drilled a couter to the single leg.   Your partner goes for the single leg and you block shooting your arm through and under their neck (while pulling up) and from here you can try and finish the choke standing or you can fall to your butt and finish the choke from there.

Sidenote:: Use chest to pressure on their head and if they escape by popping their head up you and get the nearside underhook and use that to shuck your arm up while kicking your trapped leg down to the mat.

Side Control/ Kesa Gatame/ Scarfhold:: Mack also showed some escapes from Kesa Gatame/Scarf hold which i will make it my mission to remember, as this is a position that I’m in repeatedly.  He showed the escape where you push the chin (crossface) & get your other elbow on the mat while using your hips & feet to scoot in the opposite direction of the hold.  If he switches to side control you can bridge hard shoot your arm up, while you’re now on your knees and from this position finish what he’d called a bravo choke i believe.  I plan to drill this continuously tomorrow.  My little arms and legs had a few troubles with the shucking motion. I just gotta remember, Be aggressive.

Live Rolling:: I rolled with Mooney a few times, Double A, and Junior just to name a few and I felt a little more fluid.  Lately I’ve been working on my weight displacement during side control and it’s seems to be getting progressively more effective.  One of the most beneficial things that was said in class yesterday was by Mack.  He said that when you find yourself in a bad situation and you can’t remember the specific escape think back to what would be necessary to hold someone in your position.  Taking little steps like securing and underhook or crossfacing can help give you a path to escape.

We also fooled around with a few positions and started rolling in kesa gatame/scarf hold or at one point with your partner and their hooks are completely in and has an arm preparing to secure a rear naked…now that was a wee bit challenging but still good as far as getting you used to being in an unfortunate position and figuring out how to escape while staying calm.

Recent Role Models::So I watched Bellator last Thursday with my boyfriend and they had two separate bouts that featured female fighting.  Beforehand they showed a brief bio and a bit on their training regimen and I tried to pay as close attention as possible as I would like to someday fight.  One fighter that I was particularly impressed with as far as the way she carried herself, the way she fought, and the way she trains is Jessica Aguilar.  Her bout with Zoila Frausto went to decision and the judges decided against her, which I think was an epic fail on their part because she clearly won the fight…but anywho.  I’ve done some research and I’m going to follow up on her because she fought hard, even though it wasn’t mainly on the ground.

Jessica Aguilar

Fighter Status: Professional
Fighting Style: MMA
Nickname: JAG
Win | Loss | Draw | NC: 9 – 3 – 0 – 0
Club/Gym: American Top Team
Height: 5’4″ (163cm)
Weight: 115lbs (53kg)
City: Houston, TX | Coconut Creek, FL
State: Florida
Country: USA
One Response to ““Use this move on the mat, in a street fight…even at Aeropostale..””
  1. slideyfoot says:

    If you’re interested in Aguilar and you don’t already follow Eddie Goldman’s show, she did an interview on the NHBNews podcast here before the fight, then another one after it.

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