A week away from belt promotions

Hellooooooo HALF GUARD!!!Thursday we got a visit from one of my favorites Tipton & Josh and even though I had a pulled hip flexor I participated as much as my bummed side would let me. Josh showed some escapes and tweaked my base from half guard and I executed a few of them during live rolls at the end of class so Mission: Remember Important Stuff= COMPLETE (well kind of).
(GI)Half Guard:Escapes….Shift your hips to sit down, maintain hip pressure to keep them from escaping.  Use both hands to free your trapped leg by grabbing their gi pant, pulling up, & pulling your leg out at the same time, while you’re freeing your leg use your other knee to pin your opponent’s leg down, this helps create more space to allow you to pass.  Once you get that leg free, swing it back and use momentum to swing it back & mount your partner.
In the case that your partner turns to their side, or defends after you free your leg then return to a modified side control. If they’re laying on their right side use your right leg to hook around their left then somersault over them, in the direction of where their butt is pointing you, and if you do this correctly and with enough momentum you’ll resume in a position where they’re on all fours with a hook already in.  From here you just slide that other hook in and FINISH.

–Rolls went alright, I couldn’t do too much on account that if i extended my leg too much for a triangle or armbar it hurt like hell but nevertheless everyone looked really good.  Josh had commented that overall everyone was noticeably improving and that’s great to actually witness your teammate’s improvement.

Thursday night felt like class should feel, at the end of the night we all felt like we were apart of a team, a family.  We trained hard and laughed hard. What more could you ask for.

One of the highlights to come is that we have belt promotions This next upcoming Saturday.  I’m excited to witness the process for the first time.  I’m sure it’ll be a treat.


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