On the road again..Destination: Nice Guy Submission Fighting

**Previously I edited the gym’s name out of the post due to a “complaint” about my mentioning that one of the guys I rolled with was a bit rough, because there is a gym that actually exists where every single person rolls like xande ribiero.  Anyways, I’ve decided to edit this post because I had a great time there and the person that made the complaint is  hopefully over it by now.  People should know about how great Nice Guy Submission Fighting in Owensboro, KY is (12/17/2012)**

This morning I woke up with the itch to train, and the desire to travel so I did both.  Monday nights are typically Judo night and I rarely get the chance to train anywhere else so I hit the road and headed toward one of our partner gyms and hour or so away.

I asked a few of the guys from our local gym to go but I ended up driving solo.  I had been to Nice Guys Submission Fighting (NGSF) a few weeks ago and attended their open mat style class.  On this day I got to train alongside one of their purple belts that was not present the last time I visited. The first half of class was hard on me, I didn’t hydrate enough or eat all that great.  I’m used to rolling in the heat in Bowling Green but I guess the continuous 5 minute bouts were starting to get to me & I severely miscalculated when I really needed to take a break. Helpful tip: eat right and drink lots of WATER. It helps.

Their hospitality left a great impression and for that I’m especially grateful. It’s always nice, especially as a new person, more particularly as a woman, to feel welcome at a place that you normally don’t train at.  You’re accustomed to people reacting to you as if you don’t belong, so sincere hospitality is a treat.  The guys were really good about making sure that every round I was paired with someone.  For the other jiujitsu girls you know how frustrating it is when the bell rings and the guys scatter like flies and you’re left in the middle of the mat like the fat kid waiting to be picked for kickball.  I’m glad they were setting me up with good guys to roll with and for future reference whenever i train someone new ESPECIALLY no gi, where there are no belts to judge who’s safe and who’s a psycho on steroids, I’m going to just go to the highest ranked/teachers and ask them who they think would be best to pair me with. If I had done that when I first started in BG i probably would’ve avoided many accidental knees, and unnecessary roughness.

At the start of class one of the guys drilled with me a few different ways to attack the arm bar. I haven’t been executing the swivel motion very well lately but he helped me to get my butt out a bit more and it’s killing my ability to attack the arm correctly.  I rolled with just about everyone except for “crush your neck with my body weight” guy.  Las time I went I had a guy about twice my size and I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish but it turned out into a very strange neck crank with ALL OF HIS WEIGHT on my neck, which obviously hurt a lot, and felt a bit unnecessary given how big he was, and he was very unapologetic which of course made me more mad but nevertheless I noted that unfortunate rolling experience but he wasn’t present at this class so I did not worry.  I also didn’t feel it was so serious as to alert anyone about it.

I did also have another vocal outburst, granted there were no tears shed on my part(hallelujah), however I had a much bigger audience, children & moms included (fml). So embarrassing. But anyone that trains often knows that there’s always a roll where you’re moving fast and in an instant something gets bent, twisted, or caught in the wrong position and before you even realize it you’re screaming TAP.  The weird thing about it is that once you calm down from what you thought was a life altering event you can’t even picture how your body was contorted or you realize that it was an accident. Even though that part sucked the situation itself was handled really well.  I just need to be more aware of where all of my ridiculously flexible limbs are at all times.

One of the guys showed me a cool little way to set up a reverse triangle after someone pops up their head to defend an armbar, and additional sweeps/defenses.  I met one of their younger fighters that was preparing for his fight that week for the first time & enjoyed rolling with him.  He’s recently been belted to blue and his control is ridiculous and very impressive.

Apart from a few spazzy moments most on my behalf and couple from others, I think I did alright and had a pretty good time. After class i got to talk to a few of the guys and they seem like a cool bunch.  I admire their dedication and especially their striking ability (i’m wayyyy far behind).  If things continue to progress the way they have been, and gas doesn’t surpass $3 a gallon then i’m going to try and visit there once a week if possible.

Strengths:Keeping calm, leaving the ego off the mat, being more persistent in rolling, made the effort to fight for underhooks.

Weaknesses: Defending leg locks, forgetting the fact that I am NOT in fact invincible (i know it’s pretty hard to believe 🙂 ), and conditioning.

I typically judge myself on how I executed technique that was shown, in this instance I based it off of how I performed during rolling.  Not necessarily who tapped who but whether I was able to effectively pass guard, fight for underhooks, notice openings for attacks, and survive . Oh and my hip movement is becoming more fluid!!!! yay!!! We’ll see how everything goes with the bowling green no-gi class tomorrow night.


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