One word to describe the past two nights…okay make that four words..or rather four words compiled rhythmically – BOW CHIKA WOW WOW!!  Kessinger led tuesday’s No-Gi class & I thoroughly enjoyed myself at tonights practice. He showed some more half guard stuff that included a few cartwheels, knee bars, some crossfacing,  and unfortunately for one of my partners, a possible broken rib (oops).

There were about 25 guys there, so add in the limited mat space plus the gallons of sweat and you have yourself a concoction to behold.  I was glad to see lots of regular faces, and a few new guys.  We did the double leg and single leg drills, pummeling, and then the technique commenced.  I used to think that whenever we would do cartwheels during warmups it was kinda something to just throw in, but I ate my words today.

First, ‘butterfly guard’ well, kind of.  We started with the person on the ground kind of to their side as if their preparing to go for butterfly guard, you control one ankle with your hand while using the other arm to shoot over their opposing shoulder & in a cartwheel like motion you manage to take their back, and with a few more motions you can get at least one of your hooks in and finish the choke.

—-Some variations:: Some of the guys showed a few variations on this technique, one was from controlling the knee instead of the ankle, and the other was from posting just inside the leg on the mat and then cart wheeling.  Kessinger did note that even though it felt more fluid, not controlling the ankles could result in your opponent turning and following you & eventually you could end up back in square one.

Second, Half guard. If your leg is trapped (on top), leave it. (I know it sounds crazzzzy). Leave your leg use your head to pressure their upper body flat to the mat and come off the floor a bit turn so that your bum sits nice & heavy on their chest (even w/ the trapped leg) and reach for the closest leg, place your arm through their leg (around the calf) and reach behind your own neck .  Fall back to their side  finish the knee bar.

–Unfortunately while I was drilling this with a partner I tried to stay tight and when i drove my elbow across their body to turn mine, he heard a POP & was dead set that I broke a rib (double oops)…however today he said  he was fine 🙂 (thank god).

We rolled some and i felt really good. I got tired a few times but overall my hips are moving, my head control’s improving, and i also keep hitting arm triangles in class (YES!!!).  In case you’re new to my blog they are my favorite move to finish with. It makes little old me feel a wee bit invincible…at least for 3 minutes then I hit reset and prepare for another bout.

a WONDERFUL class. Couldn’t have left the gym feeling any better.


Last night was gi night and there were a couple dozen people that showed, which surprised me.  There typically aren’t that many at gi night but i’m glad more people are coming out. Josh came and taught class and helped to tweak my triangles, armbars, and he showed a few scissor & butterfly guard sweeps.

Nice guys had already showed me a few ways i could work to get my hips out and shoot my wee little legs up and josh/shannon both gave me a few pointers that have made a more confident as far as going for triangles or armbars.  I’d notice the opportunity to go for them all the time but i’d try to go for them and my damn hips would always get in the way, *double sigh*. Hopefully i see some big improvements, but on the plus side my mount has gotten A LOT better.

With the triangles it was about using the gi to control your opponent, use the foot in the hip and keep it tight and ready to shoot over.  When you break your guard use that foot to not only swivel your base but also to shoot yourself back a bit while pulling them towards you, this exposes their neck a little more.

Sweeps–You have someone in butterfly guard, with both your feet between their legs, go for an underhook & use that to pull them forward, if they post the opposing arm out to base arm drag it to your side (the way you would prevent the elbow from hitting the mat in scarf hold/kesa gatame) and fall to the side of the trapped arm, whilst kicking your far leg up which sweeps your opponent, lands them on their back and you can resume in side control or mount if you stay tight.

Start with your feet on their hips, sitting up. Use one of your legs to push off their hips to land you on your side (while controlling their sleeves & pulling them off their base) then use your top leg to scissor keep them over.  If they have a wide base  then use your leg that flat on the ground to kick their knee back then complete the scissor sweep  & climb into mount or side control.

–Notable rolls

Soulath, “Say”- say’s technique is getting so much better and he’s listening. The golden trait for anyone that’s new to bjj is to be willing to listen and take critiques. If you listen and apply the critiques in a constructive manner your game will improve.  It was the first roll that was pure TECHNIQUE.  I felt like the clouds had parted and some angels sang while we rolled.  Technically I dominated him a bit but he still did really well.  I ended up finishing it with a rear naked but he’s improving so much and each time we roll he feels tougher, not “stronger” or “muscly-er”  but tougher as far as I’d go for something he’d defend and so on.

Wendell– I rolled with wendell and it was a tough bout.  Afterwards I looked like Ms. Sophia from the color purple because my hair was EVERYWHERE, my ponytail holder was actually on the other end of the mat lol but i really enjoyed our roll.  He controlled me the majority time and i’m noticing that i’m getting better at getting on my side to offset their pressuring on me.  he even thanked me twice after we rolled, so i think that’s a good sign.

Bryce- I rolled with Bryce and for once he didn’t just throw me around like a ragdoll.  I put up somewhat of a fight.  He finished me with a neck crank, but i have noticed that simply fighting for underhooks and committing to certain techniques makes a HUGE difference in my game at least.  I’ve been securing side control a lot more often..now if i could only remember what to do once i’m holding someone in scarf hold/kesa gatame.

Overall a WONDERFUL week of training.

Monday-Owensboro, Nice Guys Submission Fighting- NO Gi
Tuesday-Bowling Green, BG BJJ & Judo, -No Gi
Wednesday- Yoga
Thursday-Bowling Green, BG BJJ & Judo- Gi

—I’m getting better and they’re starting to notice which makes me feel really good.  This is something i’ve committed to and the results only make me want to improve even more.  It’s not about being able to tap someone out, it’s about knowing enough technique to survive, and if I can tap someone on the way then good for me but surviving is my first priority.


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