I came. I saw. I conquered (nothing).

After a few good consistent weeks of training my head’s been in the clouds as far as being content with my progress…until this week. *sigh* Last week i tweaked my hip, BAD. After walking with a limp for a few days it worsened to not being able to lift my left leg altogether, had to use both arms to raise it just to get into my car *another sigh*. After further review i’ve somehow managed to pull my hip flexor, so that blows in itself.

–The only highlight to it all was belt promotions last saturday.  They were my first and I enjoyed them.  We did the gauntlet and after the first few blows i felt guilty for participating. Shannon, is now josh’s first female blue belt and she showed me a picture of one of the bruises she got (mind you she wore a rash guard) and all i could think was OUCH.  After all that jazz we rolled with all those that got promoted and i was reminded yet again just how little i know.  I’m approaching the 6 month mark and i’m still not as far as I’d like to be but ah well that’s life.

Ofcourse like the stubborn newb that i am I’ve been training anyways, bad idea.  Now my spirit is a bit broken.  Last weekend i walked a little better & went to judo monday.  Tried to shrimp and my hip had other things in mind..ended up having to leave due to injury, pure frustration, & pain. *triple sigh*

Went to class Tuesday for no gi (my fave) unfortunately we drilled lots of single legs and sprawling so once again my range of motion wouldn’t permit it, i tried, it wasn’t happening.  Opted out of the live takedowns (i still have some common sense) but that made me look uber bad because i’m sure i looked like ‘one of the girlfriends’ just sitting on the sides watching the guys’. Once it was time to roll i was somewhat disappointed by A. Class Size, B. Rolling availability.  I figured i’d roll light so i wouldn’t lose my mind but since there’s a fight they kept the same two guys in the whole time.  So i got in one roll with derek, and one roll with shannon. Great.

Overall, a good teaching class, a sucky class for me.  Hopefully this heals up a bit. My other half says i should take anywhere form a week to 10 days off, *blank stare*. “What in the hell and i’m going to do for 10 days if there’s no jiujitsu involved?”

Sorry I don’t have anything beneficial to report, tonight’s gi night so hopefully there’ll be something a little more dynamic & less painful.

2 Responses to “I came. I saw. I conquered (nothing).”
  1. It’s a huge drag to just have to sit and watch, but I always still go to class when I’m injured. You do learn stuff by watching.

    Also, depending on who’s there, sometimes you can grab someone before or after class and say, “Hey, would you mind drilling a few (insert technique that does not involve your injured part) with me,” just so that you feel like you did something useful.

  2. slideyfoot says:

    Yeah, I don’t like gauntlets/belt whipping much either (hence this). Out of interest, was there any difference at all in the way the blue belt woman was whipped compared to guys (given this comment)?

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