Luiz Palhares Seminar, Elizabethtown, KY- November 7,2010

There’s a seminar nearby that’s going to take place 🙂 !! Here’s some info about it…It will be held on Nov 7th, 2010.  With a very special guest, Luiz Palhares.  As a special sidenote Arebalo  “double a” will be awarded his black belt and Joe Baize his brown belt. Double A is Josh Johnson’s first black belt that has been with him from white to black so he may cry ;). Hopefully funds and work will permit me to go.  I’ve requested off for work and have yet to attend a seminar so with my sights on competing within the next few weeks I think it would be a great opportunity.

Master Luiz Palhares and Grand Master Carlos Robson Gracie.

Luiz Palhares Seminar

Energy Sports & Fitness

1506 Ring Rd, Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Contact: Josh Johnson (270-234-3961)

Cost: $60

“– 7th Degree Red and Black belt under Rickson Gracie. Luiz began training in 1976 with the legendary Rolls Gracie. He received his purple belt under Rolls and then trained with Carlos Gracie for a period. He has been under Rickson Gracie since 1982 and received his brown and black belt from Rickson. Luiz Palhares received his black belt in 1984. He has won the Rio de Janeiro championships several times.
2000, 2003, 2004 Pan American Champion super heavy weight senior division and open.
2002, 2003 3rd place in Masters and Seniors International.–” <–Muchas Gracias to Luiz’s Facebook Page for a mini bio 🙂

Luiz & Double A at his last seminar in KY

luiz seminar

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