So I’m nervous…

Went to class last night & Debandi taught some useful things. Every class is a little different as far as structure goes.  This time around we did short warmups some takedown technique, live takedowns, some submission technique, then live rolling.  I definitely liked the two sections of techniques.  I feel like I left the class with a little something extra, and I was able to be critiqued from many different aspects which helped a lot.

Takedowns: Practiced a single leg that Mooney got many times at last Saturday’s fights in Elizabethtown, KY.  It was a single leg but instead of gripping the leg between your legs use both arms to swing it up in front of them while driving their body (with your head) down to the mat.  If done quick it’s pretty effective, but if you run through this slow, your neck will probably hurt like hell, I know mine did and a few other guys had complained of the same thing. A. we weren’t doing it right, B. we were going too slow.

We also worked though a double leg and if the person does a light sprawl we make sure to clasp our arms tightly around their legs and escaping out to the side, its like the drill we practice when we’re on all fours, the person is sprawled above you, you choose a side shoot your arm up and base out, except here it helps with recovering that double leg if the first or second attempt fail.  I tried the technique on BIG MIKE and it worked wonderfully, granted i hurt my toe in the process, but the reassurance that I could do it, made it worth it.

Live Takedowns: There were three groups and debandi delegated the groups so we actually had a shot to get in regularly.  Takedowns came and they went, I will comment however that Shannon looked like GSP or somebody with hers, DAAAAMMMNNN GIIIRRRLL lol.

More Technique: Practiced a few setups to maintain a position to finish with a reverse triangle, arm lock, etc. You’re sprawled on your opponent, they’re in turtle, drive your left knee in towards their head, get a “hook” in with your right leg, control & figure four their right arm whilst pulling it towards their butt then roll to your right side, when you turn over you’ll realize you can lock your legs and finish the reverse triangle or hip up and finish with an armbar of the arm you had trapped.  It provides for a lot of options and leaves your opponent at a huge disadvantage.–josh showed the above technique monday night so Debandi showed it again to those, like me, that couldn’t make it.
Rolling: Rolled with shannon and I’m doing better against her but her control is so humbling.  Rolled with Soulath and caught him in a very pretty rear naked, ended up trapping his arm while take the back and it worked out pretty well.  Rolled with jimmy and had legs bent everywhere, it’s similar to roling with the gentle giant.  Jimmy gave me a few more tips so i think i’m going to make it a mission to roll with him as often as possible. I’m drawing blanks on the other rolls…oh wait I rolled with a guy who came in that used to train a while back and I held my ow (thank god). I watched him with everyone else before I asked him to roll and it was a tough bout.  Lots of sweeps, my underhooks are doing wonders for me lately, it went well. I hope he shows up more often because I like challenging rolls like that one, and it helps me get an idea of what im improving on, as well as what I need to work on.
—Overall pretty good class, found out that those fights (for females) aren’t necessarily in the spring they’re in february so now i’m very nervous.  I’d really like to fight but february is a lot, A LOT sooner than I had initially thought so i have some crazy butterflies on steroids in my stomach.  I talked to a few of the guys and have decided that over the next two months i’m going to train hard & work on having some type of striking game and if i feel like i’ve improved enough to confidently take on a fight i’ll do it, but after the two months i feel like it’s just not gonna work then i’ll just stick to training for a few grappling competitions and do it at a later date.


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