Thinking of a master plan…

Okay so the slump has got to go. Work is still a roller coaster ride but I’m noticing that the negative mood from work is starting to cast a shadow upon both my relationship and training regimen and I’m going to have to nip that in the bud.  My pockets may not agree with my wanting to do that tournament in a few weeks, but I’m going to pray, hope, and pick a four leaf clover to hope otherwise.  I opted not to go to judo tonight, with good reason.  My hip clicks, had to work today, and I flat out didn’t feel like it but have no fear I will be training tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s no gi and I’m literally sitting here in my favorite coffee shop writing down a master plan.  Brainstorming on all the things that I suck at as well as ways to capitalize on the things that I don’t suck so much at.  I may actually suck up my pride and ask my boyfriend (blue belt) for some help.  The longer we’ve been together the more of a distraction it is sometimes.  I like when he tweaks my rolls, but rolling with him is still somewhat distracting  (I know, i know, i need to get over it).

Hopefully I’ll having something really good to report tomorrow.  I’m taking a coworkers advice and getting EXCITED.  Not only has that tactic worked at work, but I think if i’m a wee bit more excited about class and my abilities i’ll do much better.  No one likes a negative nancy so i’m going to kick her to the curb and have shakia show up to hopefully kick some ass.

One thing’s for sure, yoga is a must tomorrow morning.

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