I believe you can fly, I believe you can touch the sky

This week we worked quite a bit on butterfly guard and sweeps.  I’m used to making one slight movement and then almost in an instant being lifted and swept briskly onto my back and quite frankly it’s starting to get nerve-wrecking.

Wednesday I rode up with Karate to the Etown’s Gi class.  On sundays when we normally travel the class is small, there are rarely more than 5 of them present however there were well over a dozen guys training hard by the time we got there.

We drilled a few different butterfly sweeps, including:

–having your ‘hooks’ in, being on your side, trapping the arm, then falling to your side to sweep and landing into side control/mount/kesa gatame

–try to trap arm but they sit back into their base, try posting on the arm that you were using to try and & trap their arm but post by grabbing the fabric from their pants leg and having your arm-elbow flat on the mat, this helps you get up. Once you get that arm flat down post up completely with the leg that’s flat on the ground.  While posting use your shoulder to drive them flat down to the mat and recover in side control/kesa gatame.

We did some butterfly guard drills for 3 minutes, taking turns fighting for hooks and sweeping the partner. For these I partnered with Karate, Cayo, & White lightning.  One thing I noticed off the bat is I would notice the opening for sweeps but would either second guess myself or overthink the technique to the point where I’d wait for what i thought would be a ‘better’ time to go for a sweep and then my moment’s passed.  I guess what i’m trying to say is I need to work on simply going for it, whether it be a sub or a sweep.


I rolled with cayo mostly wednesday night.  I rarely get to see him since we train in different cities but he’s someone I genuinely love and enjoy being around so we capitalized on the opportunity by rolling as much together as we could.  He worked with me mostly on different ways to set up and execute  some arm locks and armbars. One in particular that I actually used beautifully the next day was taking the back, getting my hooks, baiting with a rear naked but instead securing the arm, crossfacing the head to swing my thoroughbred legs around and finish with the armbar.  The guy even complimented me on the sub which made me feel like I was doing something right.

So with cayo I got more to thinking about setups and combinations, for example, I get rear mount and go for a RNC, they defend so i try for an arm bar, they defend, I can then go to sink in a triangle, granted this varies based on their defenses but as more and more time passes and I acquire a bit more mat time I’m finding myself doing more ‘planning’ than anything.

Cayo also helped me with some guard passes both with and without the gi.

I also rolled with another guy, don’t know his name I just remember I rolled okay, but he was very skilled.


Work on setups and following attacks for defenses.  If i see something I need to go for it. Train Train and Train some more.

Had two great days of training, they were hard but wednesday definitely helped me get a little more motivated about jiujitsu in general.  I’ve been slacking in a few areas of my life, I can’t let that carry over to bjj as well.


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