Mrs. Spazzy Spazzster

Well if the title doesn’t give you the slightest hint as to how the night went, I injured myself, by spazzing (well kinda).  Trained gi last night and it started off slow but good. Had a decent amount of people in and even a few in from out of town. I was working on a butterfly guard pass Cayo had showed me the night before, but silly me had completely forgotten my surroundings and as I was going to pass to the side, the momentum and sheer stupidity shifted me off the mat and my precious knee directly into a bar (the one that goes on a weight bench). god. It hurts and still hurts like hell.  Hit that bar so hard the force scraped my knee.  Now every little inkling of a touch causes the worst kinds of pain in my leg, and even better it was entirely my fault, and whoever left a damn bar on the side of the mat.  Nevertheless, I tried to roll, like the dumb whitebelt I am and every limb that even grazed my right knee made rolling unbearable. Hopefully it heals up or gets better by tuesday.  From the looks of things now i doubt it.  It sucks to get up, sucks to roll over in my sleep, and the one thing i actually look forward to anymore (train), I can’t do. Yay.

Either way it was a good class.  I had some decent rolls, I’m getting better, I still suck but not as much as I did a month ago.  Shannon pointed out I NEED to learn and use the kimura sweep from guard.  There are times I notice it but I’m not good at it so i’ll wait for an opening to do something else.  Luckily debandi worked me with on drilling it a few times so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m still on the fence about doing that tournament next saturday in Louisville, Ky.  I’d really like to but my checkbook is raining on my parade…well It’s more-so of a tsunami on my parade but you catch my drift.

The class last night was lax, josh worked primarily on tweaking and preparing Baize for his brown belt test.  One thing that’s undeniable there were a good group of people in last night.  Lots of talent, lots of technique, and a great instructor.  Hopefully my knee doesn’t fail me and I can take advantage of the great resources I have next week.


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