Shut up and train


Judo night: Learned a few different variations and counters to a standard hip throw.  My judo lingo is a bit rusty so I couldn’t tell you which -toshi, -garuma, etc. was used but i will say I actualy remembered the technique that was taught that night, thank god.  1. Go for a hip throw, grip the lapel, when you come across your elbow should be under their arm IF they hip forward then drop your knee and finish by pulling them over. IF they don’t fall then keep your grips and reach between their legs (looks like a fireman’s carry) and finish them that way, i think it’s like a kata garuma.  This was definitely one of those nights to where if you didn’t use technique and you tried to muscle it you could def feel it in your lower back.

if they defend–>if defend then ->


We had a pretty good showing and last night’s class.  The gentle giant led class and I actually made it through warmups (i’m off to a decent start). We did the standard drills, pummeling, shrimps, reverse shrimps, single legs & double legs.  I partnered up with Debandi and he gave me a few good tips on my takedowns, DL: keep my head & chest up, allows for more force and can avoid them popping my head out, SL: aim for the middle of the chest and keep my upper body strong.

Live takedowns: There were a lot of people so I didn’t get to go much, some went in 6 times, I got maybe 2 or 3. I kind of wish we had room for a 4th circle, but that’s the way of the world.  I got the double leg a few times.  Debandi also showed me the right way to crossface someone during grips which i was able to put to good use a few takedowns later.

Technique: Gentle Giant showed some ankle lock/ heel hook defenses.  If someone’s going for the straight ankle lock, immediately make a boot , then to keep them from going belly up and taking your foot home with them use one hand to grip the knee of the leg that’s on top to give yourself space and pressure the leg that’s on the mat hard into the mat and push yourself over the leg.  Once this is done clear that knee that was on top and come up into half guard or whatever you’re able to acquire. Given my bad hip, bruised right knee, and scraped both knees I was not ecstatic about giving my ankles to a fellow white belt. It’s nothing personal I just don’t trust foot attacks while training.  Either way we drilled these techniques for a bit then partnered up to roll.

Live Rolling: First roll was with Sam & he’s getting better.  I caught mount on him a few times but I need to work on maintaining my mount.  I’ve noticed lately it’s been much easier for me to bait someone by letting them get mount then sweep them almost immediately.  Rolled with Derek as well and I did much better against him than usual.  In the past he’d use a bit of muscle but it’s hard as a beginner to stray away from that.  My control was in the right place and I think my pressure’s improved.  Didn’t get a submission by the bell but I controlled it pretty well so I’m satisfied.  Rolled with Long Limbs and it went well.  It didn’t feel like he was going easy on me by any means. My guard game is getting better but i need to stop stalling and go for attacks. When the bell hit I was a smidge closer to locking in a triangle.  There were lots of sweeps during this roll & I hope he comes more often because he’s a fun guy to roll with. Drawing blanks on the rest of the night, I should probably get in the habit of blogging right after class but sleep & ice cream was calling my name.

Injury Report: Hip’s getting a lot better, it clicks from time to time.  Knees are bruised, nothing permanent just hurts like hell during rolls.  Might start wearing yoga pants underneath my grappling shorts to avoid mat burn, it’s happening more and more often for me.

Highs: Pummeling for underhooks has helped tremendously in maintaining control.

Lows:Need to be more offensive in takedowns, need to work on passing closed guard, I used to be great at it and now my performance is dismal.

Gripes:Please do not pair me with the new guy during live takedowns.  The same thing happens everytime, especially when he’s much larger, he picks me up, like “Here comes the bride” picks me up, every single time.  No amount of sprawling can offset that sometimes. Uggh, irritating.  Also if there’s a more efficient way to make sure certain people aren’t stepping ahead of all of us smaller folk in the takedown line that would be great.

–PSA, guy’s the gossip circles are cute from time to time but man oh man, as another teammate of mine so eloquently put it last night, sometimes they just need to “Shut up & train.”

Teammate’s Words of Wisdom: Instead of thinking ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, think position then attack.  If your position isn’t secure then your attack will not be.

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3 Responses to “Shut up and train”
  1. @ Shakia – I’m with you on the “SHUT UP AND TRAIN”. The guys last night were all Chatty Cathys. Because of my crazy work schedual, the little bit of training I do get is precious! And all the guys wanted to do last night was gossip. *shakes head in dismay*

  2. Megan says:

    I totally feel you on the chatty guys. There’s one guy at my gym that will NOT stop talking during drills. Drives me nuts.

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