When life gives you lemons, dump the lemons & train

Gi night last night, and I felt 20x better when I walked out the gym from when I first walked in.  I felt amazing last night after class, not necessarily because I tapped 20 people and left a trail of tears behind me, but because I had some good rolls, got tapped, and had fun while doing it. I came in a little under the weather because that’s what life does to you sometimes but luckily I was able to channel some of that stank energy towards something useful. Back to the important matter at hand, training :).

Technique: Josh came in (hallelujah) and for drills we did several guard passes including a butterfly guard pass that involved sitting up on your feet, gripping the lapels from the outside of their legs, then hipping forward and pressuring their legs flat on the mat. Another reason why I was glad josh came is because he’s the closest thing I have to any family here in this beautifully awful town.  Another thing that’s interesting about him and you can tell by just looking at his face even during drills that he’s looking at each position, submission, sweep, roll, etc. from so many unimaginable different ways. It’s intriguing to say the least.  Definitely makes you want to perform extra well.

Rolling: had a genuinely good time rolling.  The rolls were fun and ofcourse I took something away from each one including many things that I need to work on. I think the bouts were 3 minutes long and everyone rolled for quite a bit.

Phillipino: Rolled with him a couple times and I must say it’s nice to roll with someone closer to my size, I may actually be heavier than him per se but even so his technique is fun to work with.  While rolling with him i focused mainly on trying to get a few sweeps and avoiding any leg attacks.  Had an opening for a particular sweep that shannon’s been telling me i need to drill more and I failed at it but i tried lol He’s pretty consistent in gi as he is no gi so that was fun as well.  Never rolled with him in gi so I didn’t know what his game would be but he definitely seemed more intent on maintaining top position than the last time we rolled which is always interesting.

Tyler: Rolled with him the first time in a while, and I fell subject to many many many arm attacks.  A couple armlocks and a few armbars.  I’ll give you a hint to what the moral of that story was lol Def need to work on arm bar escapes, but his were hard to get out of, and i need to keep arms close and tight to avoid the arm locks. Another fun roll.

Shannon: I’m almost certain that I rolled with shannon however details are hazy, in any matter she let me work, as opposed ot wiping the floor with me which she could easily do with her eyes shut.  I do recall a few tips for escaping kesa gatame, muchas gracias shannon.

Sae: Was impressed with Sae’s new red gi but it felt like he wasn’t trying as hard as he normally does during rolls. Got the mount and got the arm triangle without a whole lot of fight. Reminded him of a few mount escapes.  I told him if little old me could do the bump and roll you could too.  Either way I’m glad he came out.

Sam: Sam’s doing really well as far as incorporating the techniques learned that day in class into his rolls.  I went for butterfly guard and was preparing to sweep him when he effectively completed the pass josh had shown moments ago.  Legs were smashed to the ground and all i could think was “Oh crap, i can’t do anything”. Good job sam.  One thing I will say there was a sudden lapse in technique where we both had pondered muscling for top position and we both called each other out accordingly lol.

Long Limbs: Oh long limbs one day I will defeat you but until then I will accept our hard rolls :). LL dominates me in size, pressure, and time on the mat, but i have a little fire inside me that says to keep on rolling with him because one day it’ll happen for me.

Cayo:He worked with me more so on guard passes.  We didn’t roll as much as the last time we had trained together.

Injury Report: Knee still bruised, hips much much better. Besides a busted lip this is about as good as I’m getting.

Highs: Control’s better, mount’s tighter, i feel more motivated.

Lows:Need to work on armlock/armbar escapes, more efficient ways to secure my triangles against larger guys, side control escapes, fix my collar choke

Gripes: It’s easy to leave money problems at the door, it’s easy to leave school issues at the order, hell it’s even easy to leave work woes at the door, however when you are dating someone that you also train with, I will say that if you’re even having an inkling of disdain towards the person you cannot just simply leave it at the door.  It follows you whether you like it or not, it’s how you deal with it and keep it from distracting you that counts. It would seem almost ideal to date someone you train with, afterall you both immediately share an undying love for jiujitsu.  There aren’t many fights about one person wanting to train, or spend extra time at the gym, but everything that glitters ain’t gold.  People are human and relationships are hardwork.

Disclaimer:: I’m happy in my relationship. I know lots of people i train with read this blog, so don’t take these words out of context. I’m simply exploring thoughts.

PSA, the mat is already the cleanest of places, the night before one of the guys blew boogers on the ground, I kid you not. He was lysol-ed accordingly but sheesh guys c’mon, that’s just gross.

I’m currently listening to:

“In the Jungle” by Rootz Underground

2 Responses to “When life gives you lemons, dump the lemons & train”
  1. Thanks for the music! I really like this beat.

    I’m jealous! I typically avoid dating because I’m afraid it will interfere with my martial arts. So, I give you big props for balancing both.

  2. shakiaharris says:

    yea i’m going to make an effort to start posting songs i train to & it’s one of my favorites. I like combining the reggae with the rap & rock.

    –yea it’s definitely hard. we kept it a secret at first until we became more serious but there are times when all that’s on my mind is the latest thing he did to get on my nerves and i really have to focus on the true reason i’m there, which is to train & not dwell on our stuff. Granted, i do not recommend partnering with anyone that can easily get an emotional response out of you, whether it’s a bf or random friend it can be uber distracting. I’ve had plenty of experience with that.

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