You gonna roll or just stand there??

BRrrrrrrRrrr. It was beyond cold at the gym tuesday night.  I heard a lot of guys say their joints were taking a beating because of it.

Warmups:Scott led the warmups & i’m beginning to feel that same sense of dread when he leads them as when Double A leads them in Etown.  Every time i hear “20 pushups!! 25 sprawls!! 20 burpees” i just want to throw up on the side of the mat. Oh sweet lord, i get that everyone’s trying to push themselves, but I feel like i’m trying to go 0 to 160 and i’m falling off a cliff fast.  Who knows, maybe one day i’ll be able to keep up with the guys that can do 20 lightning fast pushups with ease.  Operation: Don’t stand out= FAIL.

Drills: We drilled 7 of the 8 guard passes and this I really enjoyed.  When it comes to rolling I only know a few but this exercise involved partnering up and having someone yell out a guard pass, quick, almost too quick to think about it.  There were times I fell behind but overall I really enjoyed it.  It was different from what we usually do and I actually remember them. Then we did 25 armbars & 25 triangles.

Live Takedowns: Takedowns were fun, kind of frustrating because one person would get a takedown and the other would try to roll from off their back which would then lead to 2 or 3 more continuous bouts and the next thing I know I’m watching the same 2 people in the middle for 20 minutes, NOT FAIR.  If someone gets a takedown, slap hands then get your butt in line with the rest of us.  Granted there are times when you may need to ‘reset’. But simply ignoring the takedown is so annoying.

Ashcon helped me do some setups for going for my double leg. The guys had said to find 2 or 3 and focus on them and the double leg is so far the only one i feel comfortable going for. Ashcon helped me with distracting up top so I can go for hte bottom, and shannon gave me tips on keeping my head up high.  Tyler also mentioned that in general I’m not keeping my head up enough and it leads to me being off-balance easily.

If your only takedown is the ‘bully pick me up ‘then throw a little flavor in it by alternating between the bully pickup or a hip throw or something. If every time we match up you just pick me up, no shooting, no sprawling, simply overpowering wee little me and picking me up then there’s something going on here. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I never see particular people go for that ‘takedown’ with any of the guys…hmmm…I just find it peculiar that certain people when they partner with women they don’t shoot, or pummel, or work for grips, they just get close and pick them up.

PSA: to the guys that make it obvious that they don’t want to partner with a girl (we’re not paranoid we can tell), whether it be constant claims they’re their tired, although they did one takedown and aren’t winded in the slightest bit,  be prepared to be asked anyways.

Rolling: Takedowns lasted a while, and we didn’t get to roll during class 😦 .  I had hoped that since we bowed out without rolling some of the guys would just roll anyways but i was pleasantly disappointed to watch them all huddle for some gossip and giggling. Poop. What’s class without rolling?!?! Luckily Shannon was happy to oblige and rolled with me a few times.  We tweaked my poor sweeping from guard and she did comment that my pressure from half guard and side control has gotten a lot better. After we had rolled a few times I looked around hoping that some of the guys would still be on the mat but half of them were already fully dressed, *blank stare*.  In my mind I was shocked.  I sincerely hope that bowing out before rolls doesn’t become a regular thing because I got a feeling that unless “forced” (and I use the word force, lightly) some of the guys won’t put in that effort to roll, which makes no sense to me.  Why drill guard passes and submissions for an hour and not practice them?? Why come to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, able-bodied, and not roll?  Seems like a waste to me.

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe not. I hope they’re more festive on thursday because I left kind of disappointed.

Muchas Gracias to everyone that did help me whether it was by rolling with me or watching me roll, I greatly appreciate it.

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