Blah Blah Blahbity Blah..

Well I’m afraid I don’t have a whole lot to report. Last night Josh came in and it was open mat style again. Lots of rolling to make up for the lack thereof on tuesday night. My performance was something like this _____^_____^^^_____ if you’re wondering that’s supposed to resemble a heart monitor in the fact that I flatlined more than I did anything lively. Rolled with the majority of the blue belts and got destroyed as I expected but some were more enjoyable than others. Some involved mostly technique while with others I felt like they were muscling to do a record quick finish, not fun. I guess my training just feels stagnate. I plan on doing no-gi training in etown this sunday hopefully there I’ll see some sparks.

Highlights: Blah
Downfalls: Blahbity Blah
Other: tried climbing the back from half guard, fail. Tried butterfly sweep i’ve been drilling, fail. Tried pummeling and got swept and then slammed, double fail. Maintaining an uplifting view throughout the class, not a total fail.

I’ve been looking for any nearby tournaments or something to get me back in the festive mood. I think the funk that’s been floating around the gym has finally reached me.

2 Responses to “Blah Blah Blahbity Blah..”
  1. Dolph says:

    I’m sure you already know what I’m about to type, but sometimes it’s comforting to hear from someone else: We all have peaks and valleys in our jiu jitsu training.

    I’m an incredibly slow learner (evidence: I’ve been training 7 or 8 years and just got my purple belt last year). So I definitely know that training plateaus are a tough time. My experience, however, is that each plateau ends with an incredible growth in my game as the “new” techniques I attempt finally start to work.

    So keep at it. . . . this too shall pass.

  2. shakiaharris says:

    i like re reading older comments, they’re so uplifting 🙂

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