This used to be fun.

In the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to follow the “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”  I’ve gone through my saved drafts of blogs that I meant to post in the last 9 days and once I’ve read them over a few times I must say that I’m glad I waited to publish a few of them.  I’d like to start by apologizing for my hiatus and here’s a briefing on what’s been going of as of lately…

Tuesday-Nov. 23 &30

I’m combining the two because we did the exact same things on both days, triangle escapes, and a takedown that resmebled a fireman’s carry, but these were the two days where I had the most gripes.  Both sessions were taught by Papa Smurf, who’s extremely knowledgeable but I was a bit upset that we didn’t roll at the end of either classes.  We drilled armbars, triangles, etc. yet we had live takedowns that lasted more than 30 minutes and bowed out before rolls so of course when I yelled for people to roll with “after class” the guys were already hurrying to the doors or halfway dressed, *double sigh*.  This was the second week in a row I found myself wondering ,”Hey, this used to be fun.”  My training partners were dwindling away along with rolling, and there were only a few in the punch that tried anymore.  It was hard to find something worth coming to class for.

Wednesday & Thursday-Nov.24-25

So I was already bummed out after feeling dismal and not getting any rolls in on top of that so I drove up to etown Wednesday to raise my spirits. I’ve trained consistently upwards of 6 months and for that week or two span I must say that’s the closest I’ve ever felt like not returning to the gym.  I know it sounds dramatic but from my point of view, I was showing up to classes, drilling but not rolling, then going through crazy long live takedowns where I can never get a slot in anyways because A. The guys stay in FOREVER or B. there are simply too many classes, the guys either A. Won’t show up, B. Choose to gossip over train, C. Give me the Uh-Duh face, whenever I ask to roll.  It sucks to feel somewhat motivated and then have people around you that aren’t on that level. Anywho, i’m over that slump so here are some positives.

Wednesday- It ended up just being 5 of us which turned out to be a good thing as I got to have some really fun rolls with Josh (black belt) and a few of their newer guys, but training early thanksgiving morning proved to be my largest treat 🙂

Thursday-Luckily the turnout was better and even Double A (brown belt) was in attendance.  THe majority of the time I rolled with his daughter to help me on technique and prepare her for a recent wrestling competition she had to compete in.  Rolling with her is actually fun, I get to work technique while working to combat her wrestling.  Got A LOT of rolls in, one of the guys even commented on the hideous condition of my hair stating “I don’t ever think I’ve seen you work that hard..” oh little baby jesus that was exactly what I needed after two disappointing weeks. I’m just glad I held on for a bit longer.

–Due to work being stingy with hours I haven’t been able to train on Sundays but this coming sunday I’m going for sure 🙂

One Response to “This used to be fun.”
  1. Megan says:

    Yay inspiration!

    I just went through a period of drama with a couple of guys that were doing some really messed up stuff to the ladies at the gym. Even now it seems like there are still repercussions felt at the gym and its effected how I feel about being there…BUT…there are still guys that I love training with and at the end of the day, I’m there to learn jiu jitsu…hope you can keep getting good rolling in!

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