Tis the season…it’s tournament time!!!

Last Tuesday went over really well.  The Gentle Giant is pretty banged up right now and papa smurf didn’t show so Debandi taught class.  He showed some double leg finishes and it was a pretty small class.  We had a couple new guys and I had some pretty good rolls in.

Rolled with Friends, and he was ROOOOUUUGGGHHHH.  Man oh man.  If the heavy breathing doesn’t give it away the thrashing sure as hell did.  He said he had an extensive background with judo, and he came in wearing gi pants, nice guy all around, but that was one of the roughest rolls I’ve had in a long time.  He moved hard and somewhat fast but that allowed for me to capitalize on openings here and there.  I won’t lie I’m actually surprised at how I responded to his ‘pace’.  I controlled him the entire roll and almost finished an armbar, and once I had locked in my closed guard on him, we were nearly inseparable 🙂 lol.  Overall I learned a lot from that roll and I think he did too.  I hope he keeps coming because I enjoy his spirit but I may stray from rolling with him regularly.

Looked around and everyone was partnered up except for the newest new guy so I worked with him on some guard passes, and everything was done niiiice and slloooow lol.

Rolled with Aqua Team Hunger Force, for the first time in months and I managed to sweep a few times and at one point get the mount so that was incredibly rewarding for me considering the last time we rolled you may as well have called me a ragdoll.  I will say his long limbs made me work a little harder but I did notice that my flexibility proved to be an obstacle for him as I was able to sit in positions that most guys would consider terrible uncomfortable (muchas gracias yoga!!).

Rolled with Shannon (blue belt) and she’s giving me the goods as far as technique tips.  There is a reason why I always partner with her. The guys think it’s because we happen to have the whole ovaries thing in common but in all actuality it’s because her technique at times seems to surpass many of the other guys.  We don’t have that whole muscly thing going for us so when I roll with her she always, and i mean always points out that one simple little thing that I’m missing and sure enough when I go for it again whatever I was trying to achieve, it goes so much smoother.



Joe Baize (Brown Belt) at the ADCC in New Jersey..He won!! Congrats!! 🙂

-Dec.18–In House Tournament @ Nice Guys Submission FightingCost:$25 includes grappling tournament (gi & nogi) and seminar by BJJ &Judo Black Belt Josh Johnson, spectators $5

Contact: Warren Brooks
2300 West 2nd Street
Owensboro, Ky 42301
(also home of South Paw boxing)

–Jan. 15–Ohio Grappling Challenge–Cost: $60 pre, $70 at door (adults, both divisions)

Norwood High School

Cincinnati, OH

So I’ve adopted a little buddy and I call him Pedro…basically i’ve noticed that 1) I’m not eating right and 2) I’m not drinking nearly enough water so i’ve adopted a gallon jug, named him Pedro, and I keep it at my side at all times.  The point being if I fill the jug  and keep it with me always it will be a constant reminder of my hydration goals plus it’s easier.  Hopefully me and Pedro become the best of friends.

I’m also planning on participating in at least one of the above tournaments. I’ve never competed but I really have the itch for so we’ll see how it goes.  My main concern is that I’m worried there won’t be anyone in my division to compete with and I’ll have to go with a girl who A)surpasses my skill tremendously or B) go with someone who has an extremely significant weight advantage…oh well we’ll see how this one plays out.

::Now Listening to “Wet Sand “-by Red Hot Chili Peppers::


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