It’s crunch time

The road to improving is coming along slowly but surely.  I had this fictitious idea in my mind that overnight I would become a lean, mean, grappling machine, and I’m not quite there yet.  The last few days of training have opened my eyes to many things one that I’m particularly concerned with is my aggressiveness.

Thursday– In a sea of anxious faces there were only two of us white belts in attendance…I was pumped to say the least.  Warren and Baize from Owensboro showed up and I got to witness Warren testing, and receiving his purple belt, (BIG CONGRATS).

Thursday’s practice felt more like a BJJ Boot Camp to say the least.  To say that I felt like death 12 hours later would be a major understatement. Lots of escape drills from mount, rear mount, etc. By the time rolling commenced I was TIRED. My conditioning’s crap, and I have no clue how to get it in decent condition by next week, or next month, for that matter.

Friday: went to the gym so the boys could punch each other in the face and I attempted some yoga-nope, body was way too sore, everywhere.  Even the simplest of poses caused my abs to ache and my shoulders to creek

Sunday: Went to etown so I could soak up as much information as humanly possible from some of the most technical grapplers I’ve ever rolled with.

Class lasted a few hours and consisted of drilling straight ankle locks, making them TIGHT, and what to do if they defend by rolling over.  I partnered with their newest female and I enjoy her spirit and determination.  The lazy guys were starting to get on my nerves so a determined female face was a treat especially.  She’s only trained for a few months but I’m hopeful that she’ll stick it out.  We also drilled escapes from rear mount and a butterfly guard pass that involved stepping between both the hooks while keeping your arm tucked into your side somewhat, almost as if your arm and leg are one, then shooting that arm for an underhook, squatting down with pressure and dropping your hips to the side to recover.

Josh showed  what I jokingly called the “fancy” version of this pass where you step through, get the underhook, then spin around for an armbar, which took me about 11 times to get, and will require extreme drilling on behalf to get it looking fluid.

Then the rolling commenced.

-Fighter Girl: Rolled with her twice and tried to walk her through a few things. Got the mount a few times and ended up finishing with a triangle, then let her work on her guard game. I don’t know everything but the little I knew I tried to pass on. I grabbed tyler for the things I couldn’t explain.

-Little Man:Rolled with one of the younger guys and I could tell he seemed kind of disheartened when I asked him to roll.  He’s young, really young, and much lighter than me so I rolled pretty lightly, held a few dominating positions and then the rest of the roll I let him work. I tried to talk him through a mount escape, and finishing a rear naked.  I don’t think he wholly appreciated someone with ovaries telling him how to finish a very ‘manly’ submission, but oh well.

-Mooney: Found out he got himself a Strikeforce fight coming up, so a big shout out to him for that. But back to my getting my butt kicked.  Rolled with Mooney first and I have no idea where my head was, had no base, and it took me a while to have any idea of what I wanted to do with this roll.  Of course he controlled me pretty well and I actually went to attempt a submission but I’ve got to get more aggressive.

-Westcott: The first time we rolled together and it felt like a hard roll.  Not a bully roll but a tough roll, as in being passive was simply not an option.  If only I had taken my own advice.  Too often I found myself on the bottom of side control struggling to wriggle free or teetering between surviving mount and turtle.  I feel good in being able to keep up with him somewhat but he did finish me with an armbar. A very tight armbar. He also agreed to roll with me some more after class ended so I could squeeze some more mat time in before heading out.  He did comment that I shouldn’t be taken lightly so that makes me feel good I just got to work on being more aggressive and working the offensive instead of accepting the defense all the time. The strangest part about our entire roll was at the once we had exchanged names he’d ask if I was a blue belt and I laughed at the mere idea of me wearing anything but white and brown (from my makeup) lol.  I appreciate the assumption, and I’m assuming it’s from him being ‘nice’ and from me keeping up with him more so than he anticipated.

-Cody: He agreed to work with me some once class ended (thank god). I love rolling with people who are as talented as he is  because I’m learning more than my mind can process but  on the offside rolling with them shines an even brighter light on just how much I really don’t know.  Luckily he didn’t seem to mind too much to work with me on a few butterfly guard passes, all of which I’ve repeated these techniques in my head at 30 min intervals since I left the gym yesterday lol I even tried one on my boyfriend this morning while we were watching tv.  There are still a million holes in my game I need to patch up, hopefully training consistently will provide for some comfort.

That in-house competition is Next Friday i believe and I’m uber nervous. I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to validation.  A lot of the guys would credit that to me being a woman, but in all seriousness, it’s not enough to hear it, and I can’t ‘see it’ so I figured that by competing I’ll at least be able to somewhat ‘feel’ my progress.  It comes down to me being able to prove to myself and others that I HAVE been trying, i AM improving, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it…lol…but seriously I just want to do well and avoid embarrassing myself at all cost.  So i need a game plan and a magical herb that will dramatically improve my energy while rolling, any ideas 🙂 .

Currently reading: Wrestling for Fighting: The Natural Way by Randy Couture

…and by reading I’m referring to reading the same 3-6 pages over and over and over some more lol.  I really want to improve in takedowns even if that means having just one solid one, I’ll be happy.  So far it’s pretty interesting and he actually has pictures of different angles so you can really see what he’s doing.  Best advice choose a few from the book and take it to class and ask someone that’s oh I dunno a wrestler and have them drill a few with you.  This route would be easier, safer, and more beneficial than memorizing pictures 4-7 and just throwing it out there during live takedowns.  So far I’m working on becoming decent at executing the high crotch to double leg and low single leg against a resisting opponent.  I’d say one of the best things about the book is he covers a variety of things from using an arm to gauge distance, to dropping levels, to executing against a defending opponent, plus h’s kind of attractive in an old guy, balding, but badass kind of way.


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