“Just because you trained for something doesn’t mean you’re prepared for it.”

“Just because you trained for something doesn’t mean you’re prepared for it.”- anonymous

Woe is me. The above quote is exactly how I feel after judo tonight.  There were only 5 of us at class tonight, including the instructor. I paired up mostly with Debandi aka The Girlfriend, mostly because he’s the closest to my height and weight.  The other 3 guys were closer to 6ft tall and all were surely 205 and above. Hmmm…something about being pinned by someone that heavy just screams FUN 😉 . Anywho Mr. Officer showed quite a few different ways to break grips and each of them were pretty nifty.  What’s even better is he showed a transition into a throw or setting up a throw as soon as you break a grip…nice, verrrrry nice sir.

Mr. Officer seems to think i’d perform well in judo competitions, which delights me, there’s just one thing…I simply cannot get into judo.  I enjoy the throws from time to time but the most unfortunate thing about the whole situation is that it does NOT in any way, shape, or form agree with my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, yea ,can you say OUCH!!!

Opted out of the live “fight for grips” portion of class hands were already going numb.  Decided to get in for a few rolls, hmmm, maybe this wasn’t my best idea.  First up, Mr. Officer happens to be a brown belt in judo if I haven’t mentioned it before but pairing with him wore me out. My balance is getting better but sheesh take one eye off his extremities and you will go flying faster than you can say sh– well, you know.

Second, Dalton. He outweighs me by about 100 lbs. Yea, i’m dumb. Shouldn’t have paired, couldn’t do a thing, tried to start on the ground and could feel him use upper body massiveness to topple me over, poop. He got on top, super poop. No hope in that one.

Third. Went with Karate and he was a little more lively, tried a few guard passes but the set ups were a bitt off, need to work on my pressure.  Tried to be aggressive but the motivation was lost somewhere.

Fourth. Went with the girlfriend and he dominated me.  I’d like to think that throughout the week he internalizes all the arguments I win, or all the times I’ve made him watch It’s Complicated and chooses moments like these to completely punish me . *Huge Sigh*

Me & Debandi were the only ones to stay after so he agreed to help me work on a few things.  One thing I will say I need to work on and he may be just the person to help me with is fighting even though i’m tired, and mentally exhausted.  At no point (and i’m not sure if i should be mad about this) did he let up on me once he had a position locked in, or eased up on knee on belly, he made me fight, and even when I whined and gave up he never let up.  For that I’m grateful for. In the moment I secretly wanted to bite and curse him but I understand why he did it.

Felt kind of hopeless by the end of the night, usually tuesday nights provide for a decent ‘pick-me-up’ but i have to work so I’ll have to make due with thursday (gi night). Pray for me, i need it.


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