How sweet it is

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can- there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.” -Sarah Caldwell

Our first night in india!! The performers were amazing!

The last few days have been very trying ones. I’ve been trying to find a second job, praying for hours from my first job, while trying to climb from underneath a mountain of bills and academic pitfalls.  It’s funny to think a year ago today I was in Hyderabad, India,  fulfilling my dream as a journalist.  I was working side by side with international editors, taliban targets, and most importantly a group of individuals who like me (at one point) shared the common interest in making a difference with the written word.  It was, is, and has continued to be the most exciting experience of my life.  Not many get the chance that I did, and I’m so grateful for it.  One thing I miss greatly is that 80 degree december weather, oh and my comrades from Nigeria, Miss You Ken Ngcube!!

so much fun

The stories we brought back from that incredibly culturally rich place are quite entertaining, like my friends being chased by a man with no arms, or the student protesters setting themselves on fire, or how we were escorted by men armed with AK47s to go to the shopping bazaar…anywho here are a few clips of the stories I wrote while I was there. There is one thing that I’ll never miss is the overwhelming sewer stench that seemed to follow us everywhere. Pew.

**Dow Jones CEO: ‘Free costs too much’

**Najam Sethi speaks of terroristic threats to journalists

**Irina Samokhina speaks of government harassment against the media in Russia

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