Drill it. Write it. Refine it.

Thursday proved to be a very technical day of training. Josh came down and showed about 6 or 7 techniques, I currently only possess the ability to fully recall on a good day 2 maybe 3 techniques that were taught.  Luckily I brought my notebook and plan to share as many with you as possible.  We worked on a few different things including some stuff in half guard, side control, open guard, and a foot in the hip takedown.

*Takedown: with sleeve & collar grip, place foot in hip (on the collar ), use the grips and your foot to break opponent’s posture down then continue with the takedown. Once you land move the foot that was in the hip up to your opponent’s arm pit and bring your other leg over to finish an armbar.  One of the details I loved most about this that I actually hit during liverolling was instead of using your arms to blindly pull the arm through to make it tighter, squeeze the knees together tighter and grip their own sleeve from where it meets your leg that’s trapping them and use that bit of fabric to pull the arm tighter. It works pretty well.

*Escape: While on the bottom end of half guard (your opponent has an over/under grip like scarf hold) scoot onto your side and use one of your top leg to make a butterfly hook on the inside of their leg, reach around their back and grip their belt tightly, and reach & grip their pants leg that’s on the mat with your other arm. In one motion, raise your b-fly hook (make sure it’s in their good) + your grip on the belt + your grip on the pants and once you raise them place them into your closed guard and out of half guard.

–note: a variation they also showed was if your opponent bases out with their hand, then scissor sweep the leg while trapping the arm and end up in their half guard or side control

*Escape: If your partner attempts the open guard pass where they grab your legs, place their head on one side of your hips, and jump to the other side then get on your side, **if they’re on your left side** base out with your left arm (on your hand not your elbow like I mistakenly did), this next part is hazy I can’t recall if it was arm on shoulder, but i do remember in a big motion widening your legs to get their grip off and you can either turn over and attack their leg for a takedown or regain your guard on your back…sorry my details are confusing, I’m still sorting through everything that was taught.

Liverolling: I had some fun rolls, nothing too crazy or off the wall.  With Sam I worked on going for the  submissions as soon as I noticed them and I hit quite a few armbars on same so that was nice. Rolled Brown Belt and that was fun as always. One thing he pointed out while we were rolling was an opportunity for me to go for an ankle lock, which I thought was nice of him since I never, and i mean never, ever think about leg attacks. The rest of the night went pretty well until some horseplay started up, but I won’t divulge too much about that. It’ll only make me mad again.

One thing I did learn is that Brown Belt has gotten me a for sure match next saturday at their in-house tournament this weekend so that’s exciting.

One Response to “Drill it. Write it. Refine it.”
  1. Dolph says:

    I also only possess the ability to remember 2 or 3 techniques per class. I often remind folks that I’m a slow learner.

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