Why seek perfection knowing that true perfection does not exist?

I have a confession to make…whenever i’m feeling down I watch Celebrity Rehab. It’s my guilty pleasure and without a doubt always makes me feel 100x better about my situation.

okay. On to the topic at hand..

Went to No-Gi last night and contrary to my own expectations i felt great leaving class. My version of great: energized, healthy, and having an idea of what I’m trying to accomplish during rolls.  When I arrived at the gym the heater hadn’t been running for a while and it was FREEEEZING. One of the guys actually wore his old school long johns underneath his grappling short which was absolutely hilarious.

I’m not sure what’s going on with this widespread epidemic of “imnotgoingtotrainITIS” but it’s starting to get on my nerves.  It was another small group last night and the two newly belted blues (and only present blues) taught class.  Lucky for us, they taught really well.  Karate Dave started with going over the importance of over/under grips shucking the arm with the under grip up hard and getting to your opponent’s side, from there you can initiate a series of takedowns, including a hip throw.

Dave also showed how to transition from a triangle or closed guard to an omoplata and i can finally say I REMEMBER IT.  I do recall this being one of the earliest techniques they showed when I started training over 7 months ago but it like shrimping correctly went in one ear and out the other. I now understand what needs to be done to finish it, and he also showed how to react to escapes.  Like if someone tries to roll out then hold onto their wrist and follow them and simply finish with the armbar.

Since the group was smaller I got ample rounds in during livetakedowns. I tried to push myself to reach that limit where i’m utterly exhausted and worked to push through it. I made the effort and pushed as hard as I could, granted there were many times i tried to soak up a moment of rest when it presented itself.  I tried to roll as many times in a row as possible and often times through the 4 minute bell.Big thanks to everyone for helping.

–Aschon “beauty queen” also shared some tips on triangles as far as refining technique and ways to bait your opponent and still lock in the submission.

I’ve trolled the web for quite sometime now and one of the things I found that seems pretty useful is a post by Jiu JitsuBrotherhood , featuring Animal Drills. The drill seems pretty useful so I’m going to try to merge it into my training as much as possible.

I’ve tried to eat healthier, although I feel HUNGRIER, but the feeling I had after practice made it all worth it. I didn’t feel drained or worn down, I felt energized and healthy.  I won’t lie, I spent the rest of the night fantasizing about any and everything smothered in chocolate..but that could also be attributed to something other than my recent diet change.

Oh I also discovered that the tournament this weekend will only be no-gi 😦 …I’m a bit disappointed because I’ve noticed that I feel a lot better about my gi game against some of the guys than no gi’s, it’s easier to throw them around and often times many of the guys don’t respond to that well. That’s about it for tonight, i’ll end this post with some encouraging words by someone who knows wayyyyyy more about all of this than I do. This quote leads me to wonder, Why seek perfection knowing that true perfection does not exist?

“I seek perfection as a Jiu-Jitsu fighter, knowing full well perfection doesn’t exist.” – Roger Gracie


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