Winning the women’s division—>>my first grappling tournament

So i’m pumped. I trained hard, takedowns were weak but I ended on top with the women’s division, granted I had two matches but I worked hard for the submissions.  The first match I won by a triangle and the second match I came out on top with an arm triangle.  I entered the Men’s No-Gi absolute division and got caught with a straight ankle, but hey I tried so I’m happy.

My First Match:

I’ve watched the video upwards of 100 times lol but I’ll give myself some pros and cons.

Pro: I stayed calm while maintaining the mentality of attack, attack, attack.

Cons: Takedowns, dismal, probably could’ve executed the armbar sooner but felt safer with the arm triangle. I NEED to listen to coaches, and it’d help if i went straight to grab my shin when I latched on my triangles, but she was strong and I was contorted into some funky positions at times

The event itself, hosted by Nice Guy Submissiong Fighting (3rd Annual Inhouse Tournament), included a seminar that occured before the actual tournament.  Black Belt Josh Johnson taught the seminar and he showed a ton of submission choices from S-Mount…a position I hadn’t even dabbled with before. Most notable were about 10 different ways to attack the arm from S-Mount including inverted armbars (which I really like 🙂 ) and numerous arm locks.  I think I’ll experiment with this in class and see how it goes for me, till then I must work on refining my triangle technique, it’s not my “favorite” submission but it is the one I see the most, as of now.

–note my favorite submissions are the arm triangle and the rear naked, however I seldom hit either of the submissions in class…go figure 🙂

I’ll include for details on the techniques that he showed within the next 24 hours, for now I eat, and I sleep.  I’ll also include videos of the matches as well as very detailed accounts of the matches. Big shoutout to my opponent, that woman was tough! I have much respect to anyone, especially a woman, that steps on the mat to train but especially to take that extra step and compete.  The day ended great and I’m glad I came out on top.


First and foremost BIG PROPS to the woman I faced Saturday.  Not only is she the mother of 4, but she homeschools, has a ton to do and still finds time to train striking and jiujitsu 3-4 times a week. Thanks Mrs. Shelton I’m glad I got to meet you.

Okay so the entire week leading up to this tournament as you’ve read i’ve been neeerrrrrvvvvouuus, and I continued to be nervous until the bell rang and I ended up on my back.  The morning of the tournament started off on a bad note (note to self: do not hash out relationship quandaries before competing, you will be distracted). Nevertheless the five of us rode up to Owensboro playful and hopeful that the day would play out just fine. I was accompanied by three other white belts from the BG school, unfortunately no one else wanted to compete that day. I think everyone’s gearing up for the OGC competition in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 15 (i know I am!!).

Anywho we get there and we were the first ones there o_0…I wasn’t sure who would show up but luckily everyone else is just fashionably late like myself.  There were a couple dozens guys that attended the seminar/tournament. It was an in-house tournament so it was serious but it wasn’t “serious”. I liked the family-like mentality of a lot of the guys.  They weren’t out for blood but there was some rivalry. There were guys/girls there from Owensboro, Madisonville, and Bowling Green, Ky. Probably the best surprise was seeing Shannon our female blue belt creep in the building during the seminar.  It was nice to have someone to talk me through my nerves and give me some pointers, afterall she rolls with me the most. First few matches were the larger set guys and then it was time for us girls.

The first match is uploaded above and i was nervous. She walks on the mat braided up, intense, and clearly larger than me. Once the bell rang and she went straight for a takedown it helped me get into the groove of things I just had to make sure when I did go down it wasn’t in a terrible position. I’m proud of my guard game, it wasn’t passed and when she did attempt I recovered it quickly. I was so worried because every time I went for a submission she’d just break out of it. At the end of the match I remember thinking, “damn how many submissions do I gotta pull out of my butt”. But as my friend said so eloquently, “as many as you can until you catch something.” I went for several triangles, arm triangles, and an armbar. I remember thinking that I should set one up early on but she felt so strong I thought she’d just HULK out of one.

The second match. She got the takedown again and I felt like I lost some of my mojo.  I definitely wasn’t as aggressive, or at least I didn’t feel like it.  I played guard a bit and then saw an opportunity to do a mini-sweep to mount for which I finally got my arm-triangle, however this time it was on her left side and the match finished much faster.

The third match: Against my better judgement I decided to push myself just one more time and enter the Men’s no gi absolute division, despite unrelenting fear I went with it. I got paired with Scotty and the roll was tougher he got the takedown (single leg I think) and worked to get side control I believe, we struggled in half and I remember trying to find ways to do that thing where you sneak off to the back but before I could he went straight for a straight ankle, then he began to turn, and I think at one point he went belly up (RIP My Precious Leg). I went to defend initially by pressuring on top of him, then I tried to get rid of the leg on the hip, then when we were on the ground I tried to sit over the leg on the hip but once he started to turn it was a done deal, we squirmed for a minute and then once he hipped up just right before my mind could muster together the syllables to creat T-A-P, I belted an emphatic OWWW!! And that was the match.  He felt terrible but there was no harm done, well my leg still hurts three days later but you know what I mean.

Well that was my brief stint as a martyr daring to venture into a man’s world lol hopefully I do better against them next time, but I’m excited to see where I go from here.

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  1. I’m at work, having to read your post in snippets. But I wanted to stop and say Congrats! I’m so proud for you. I’m looking forward to watching the video when I get home. Thanks for including it.

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