R.I.P Everything Smothered in Chocolate

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m unwinding at my family’s place in Louisville.  Overall I’ve had a pretty eventful week. Im still battling with being sore from last weekend’s sriaght ankle and a few mat mishaps this week. On top of that everyone I’ve run into today seemed to take it upon themselves to gawk at my busted lip (got it at last night’s practice).

Here’s a recap of this week’s practice:

Monday–Opted on taking the night off

Tuesday– Got a lot of jokes and congratulations on my performance this weekend.  I’m glad that my hard work had payed off somewhat.  That youtube video of our match got a couple hundred views in the first few days which is kinda cool.  Tuesday night I felt amazing after class. Josh came in to teach class and I rolled hard and good.  I felt bad for one of the guys I rolled with, I armbarred him on his left arm then rolled again and got him on the right arm (both transitions from a triangle). Either way I learned some pretty good stuff.

On a more unfortunate note I’ve been feeling amazing while training this week, which can be attributed to my recent change in diet…more vegetables, fruits, and less sweets…RIP Everything Smothered in Chocolate 😦 .  I’m glad to be feeling great I just wish I could indulge in anything that tastes sinful.  Oh well I gotta keep it up, at least for the next month.


Rode with Tyler and Debandi to Etown to train Gi and my great idea turned into a bid turd once my knee popped during drilling.  We worked primarily on butterfly guard passes so I’m glad I got the technique I just wish I could’ve gotten in a few good rolls before the overwhelming disappointment consumed me.  Drove 1hr 15 minutes, with gas over $3 bucks a gallon, doing 55 mph in a construction zone and I get hurt and feel like poop.  On top of that I’ve had a bad run with getting hurt in practice indadvertently and it’s just starting to get frustrating.  What’s even more frustrating are everyone’s comments on how “it’s normal.” I know it’s normal but my knee, calf, ankle, and both elbows still hurt like hell so give me a second please.


I almost didn’t make it out on Thursday. I had been working 7am to 430pm pretty frequently and my bed was calling my name.  Luckily I got wind that people were coming in from a few different schools so I couldn’t pass that up.  Got in and we had a decent sized class. Joe started showing some deep half guard sweeps that could transition to attacking a person’s back leg or feet with a toe hold.  I got the motion of the sweep but could not grasp where my hand should turn and grab for the toe hold on either side *blahhh*.

Josh went on to show a few other things from half guard.

I’m trying to get in as much mat time as possible in before that tournament in Ohio.  I sincerely hope that there will be at least a few women in my division there.  I’d hate to drive that far, train that hard, and pay that money only to be let down when I get there.

Training lately has been hard mentally.  Although I’m rolling a little better I’m tired of getting hurt.

On a different note some of the guys are throwing around the idea of training on New Year’s Eve into the New Year.  At first I looked at them like they were crazy but after I thought about it for a while I love the idea.  Spending the night with some of my favorite people and closest friends, doing what we love anyways…we’ll see if anyone follows through with these plans.  If it’s finalized I think i’ll attend.

Well, happy holidays!!

One Response to “R.I.P Everything Smothered in Chocolate”
  1. On a different note some of the guys are throwing around the idea of training on New Year’s Eve into the New Year.
    That would be AWESOME; I wish my gym was doing that! I would be *SO* there!

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