Ok so maybe it isn’t thaaaat bad.

This morning I woke up in the arms of someone that genuinely cares for me and right then and there I had an epiphany,” Yeah everything in my life could be better, but it really isn’t that bad.” I know it sounds silly but for someone like me whose entire life is lived in extremes, that realization is a pretty big deal.

The holidays went great.  Went home with my family and I can officially say that I’m addicted to Just Dance 2 on the wii.  Here’s a little link of my mom completely demolishing “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner on the game.  The commercial for the game is corny, as to be expected but it’s up there as far as the most fun games i’ve ever played, along side Super Mario Brothers and Crash Bandicoot 🙂 .

I’m still undecided as far as plans for new years are concerned.  If the guys give the go ahead for training in Owensboro then I’m down for that but we’ll see.

Tonight’s no-gi and I’m not really sure what to expect from class tonight.  We keep having small no gi classes (gi is growing) and I really wish some of my favorites would show up to the gym more often. Tis the season I suppose.  I just want to have some good rolls notivce some signs of improvement.  I’ve been looking at the Fenom Kimonos and came close to buying the black one as a christmas present for myself but with gas at 3.15 a gallon, bills, and everything else, I have to be an adult and focus on these priorities, that and If i bought it I wouldn’t be able to pay for class.

On a more interesting note we’ve got another girl that’s been coming to class. She showed up for the past few practices so I’m hoping that she’ll continue to come.  If she does decided to jump into this crazy world of chokes, locks, grips, and lapels that would mean that our gym has four girls that regularly train and it almost takes the edge off of being a girl that trains.  If a few more women are present then it makes the others more comfortable and looks good for any other woman that’s considering training.  Being in a class where there were four women, possibly a third of the class, felt good. I didn’t feel like an “outcast” per se, which is how it felt when I first started training.

Anywho, I rolled with her last week on gi night, which I was hesitant about doing considering it was her first week and I didn’t want to come off as a bully but it was fun.

Game Plan for tonight, refine armbars, triangles, TAKEDOWNS (need muy assistance).

Oh & i’m for sure doing that grappling competition in Cincinatti!! I’ve done the math 15x and I will in fact have the spare change for it 🙂

One Response to “Ok so maybe it isn’t thaaaat bad.”
  1. Love Tina. Talk about strong women. She is definitely an inspiration. Love your mom’s dancing. Good luck on the competition training. Get someone to video tape the competition, I want to see it.

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