Big Ol Lips

Last night got cut short, really short.

Technique:: I was hoping the Gentle Giant would return but his knee injury is keeping him out a little longer than expected so Papa Smurf led the class instead.  We did several takedowns including a series similar to a ouchi gari but modified for no gi and Papa Smurf showed an additional three steps in the case they’re defending.  It seemed like a pretty accessible series for someone like me that can muscle hug someone and power bomb them so I’m excited to work on that.

My largest feat right now is mastering the basics.  I’m working on getting wrestling takedowns down pact (and failing miserably)  and a couple judo throws as well.  I partnered with shannon during the takedown drills.


I was hoping to get some hardcore rolling in because that tournament is a week away and I just want to make sure that my conditioning is where it needs to be …

1st roll- Shannon, Our rolls are becoming more dynamic and she sweeps the hell out of me, I anticipate her counters but haven’t figured out yet how to counter her counters 🙂

2nd roll- Stranger Guy- got asked to roll by a guy that I’ve never seen before although when I asked how long he trained he said he had for a while, but it wasn’t consistent. I agreed hesitantly but he promised not to go all psycho.  He rolled hard, too hard for him because he quickly grew tired in my guard.  I shot for a few armbars and took his back, too strong to lock in my triangle but I moved quick. There was one point where he got a bit too rough but I said something and he ‘calmed’ down a bit.  At the end he commented, “Man you never give up do you.”  I train regularly ofcourse I don’t give up easily, silly goose.

3rd roll-  Rolled with Combatives and tried to go slower and work on maintaining position on the top and help her with her defenses. I’m not a fan of the bullying and I like the idea that working with someone will increase the chances that they’ll come next week. Anywho we were rolling and I went for an armbar and she powered up and I managed to catch an accidental headbutt which busted my mouth/lip something terrible.  I mean terrible. Tooth went through at two different spots and it got big FAST.  It was awful. I had to leave class early because of the pain and fortunately for me I had to open at work in the morning (i work in sales) so I was praying that the swelling would go down to the point where A.I could form words B. I’d be presentable to customers…it didn’t quite work that way.  My upper lip, or at least half of my lip swelled to over twice the size of my bottom lip, terrible.  Tried to ice it but it was still the same in the morning 😦 . I called my supervisor in advanced to warn him of my unfortunate demeanor and I offered to do any task in the warehouse, where my 4 lips could be hidden faithfully.  Like at the 6th hour of my shift it began to simmer down a bit but it definitely was not one of those days where I could use my looks to close a sale (just kidding 🙂 ) .

Even though my night was cut short I still felt alright and I’ll give my all tomorrow night during gi training.

Good news: I’m registering for the competition friday 🙂

–Oh i’m in love with this site it had a ton of creative projects on it and I actually found the above pic on the site and thought it was hilarious so you’re welcome, i’m sharing it with you as well.

2 Responses to “Big Ol Lips”
  1. Dolph says:

    It sounds like you may want to see a doctor so that it heals with minimal scarring.

    Hope it heals soon.

  2. shakiaharris says:

    thanks it has gone down considerably but it’s still healing, i am uber worried about the scabbing as it’s starting to in 2 different spots. Ouch. But as i told the girl a few days ago i’d rather it be my lip than my ankle or arm
    –thanks for reading!!

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