My disappointments

Currently in a Netflix coma…yesterday I had 20 movies/shows added to my que. Today thanks to mostly my boyfriend there are over 380 movies/ shows on my que as we speak.  I’m still wondering how on earth I could find enough time in a day, in a week, in a month  to watch half of them.

Anyways I’ve drowned my latest disappointment in Netflix and naughty things because I’m trying to avoid coming to the realization that I can not in fact compete this weekend 😦 .  For the past two months every practice I’ve performed with the idea in the back of my head that I would put all this knowledge toward something on January 15, but I got paid just 3 hours ago and sadly I can’t choose to compete over gas and food although I’ve tried to measure it every which kind of way.  So now i’m upset.  The one thing i’ve been looking forward to…it’s one of the few things I’ve had to look forward to.. one of the few things that’s gotten me out of bed to go to practice..and now it’s gone.

Unless Jesus rolls out the red carpet and 60 bucks magically falls from the sky…this is gonna be a loooong week. 😦

One Response to “My disappointments”
  1. I’m sorry you weren’t able to compete. I’m sure you would have been wonderful. Keep training though. You never know when the opportunity will be there to compete again. Stay ready. I do hope your lip is better. I used to keep pop sicles in the freezer for when my boys would get busted lips, or cuts in the mouth. You’re probably a little past that. Enjoy your movies and eat some chocolate. It will make it all better.

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