A Lady and a Lioness

I spent the last few days analyzing every movement from that tournament and then trying to fix some of those problems today in class. Sunday and monday I dwelt on the negatives of my match.  I could’ve taken the back there, I could’ve attacked the arm here, oh no what an awful takedown attempt…blah blah blah, this morning I watched it a few more times and gave myself some slack and focused on the positives…guard retention, maintaining mount, preventing the pass, hell just pushing myself in general and riding up to Cincinnatti in the first place.  Every time I start beating myself up I just try to remember that there’s a reason that I won this weekend 🙂 .

Josh and the Brazilian (dentinho, black belt) came and taught class today. Dentinho (Luiz Eduardo) showed some cool ways to attack the arms from side control as well as technique tweaks to start attacking from side control to transition into a very tight arm triangle.  It’s going to be hard for me to explain this eloquently but I’ll do my best.

Luiz "Dentinho" Eduardo, black belt, rolling with scott porter a few weeks ago


Start in side control…

keep knees tight, block the hip from being able to turn into you, your grip should be under the head and completely through to the point where you’re almost getting a handful of their armpit, make sure there is little space for the head to move, drive your shoulder that has the head trapped into your opponent to crossface them and secure your grip a little tighter for the arm triangle, use your head to drive their arm close to their own head, use knee on belly to secure the mount, once you get the mount gable grip your hands and the motion involves driving your shoulder forward into them while pulling your gable gripped hands in toward your chest, the motion involves enough to have them tapping fairly soon.  If you’re straining too much then something’s off.

While we were drilling this move I used very little muscle, now granted against a resisting opponent it may be a bit different.

Why i love this technique: I love the grip under the head and through to the arm, it made everything so much tighter and i’m definitely going to work on it more during live rolling.

Start in side control…

keep everything verrrry tight, from the knee close to the hip to the head being trapped. Hopefully I don’t miss a step on this one.  Okay so you’re in side control, I’ll do this from the perspective of my opponent’s left side, and their head is being trapped by my left knee 🙂 . First make sure you’ve cleared their arm on your side so it’s not on the inside close to your hip. If they make space and shrimp then that’s no good. (the same goes for the technique above) So my right arm will reach over them and Dentinho actually griped close to the bicep to grip the arm in close and tight while you’re gripping this part of the arm to keep it close to their body make sure that your forearm and elbow are on their stomach, similar to knee on belly. Pressure is EVERYTHING. Once this is done you’ll want to bring the knee your knee that’s closest to their hip on their chest to prepare the step over to finish the armbar on either arm.  Dentinho showed this by keeping his knee close to the body whilst using the same motion as knee on belly except his knee came in through the opening provided by their armpit and he kept pressure on the chest (don’t forget that forearm of yours that should still be in place ).

Now use your left leg or the one that’s trapping the head to step over the head and you can finish by armbar the near side arm or the other arm should also be exposed, simply maintain wrist control by trapping it with your own neck (similar to a violin) cross your arms over the outside of their elbow and hug into yourself and that hurts like hell as well, so take your pick 🙂 . A very fun day of technique as you can probably tell.

What i love about this technique: I love the options with the arms and especially just how important all the pressure points are, i’m going to try and incorporate the forearm/elbow on stomach into my game more often.  This move feels very advanced but I’ll give it a shot in live rolls someday.



Live Rolling

  • Shannon/blue belt- rolled with shannon and I wanted to work on attacking quicker.  In my videos I noticed countless times I ‘could’ve’ attacked but I was hesitant and worried they’d escape/overpower and I’d lose position. Happened to catch her in an armbar when she went to pass my guard.  Our second roll was mostly scrambling.
  • Bianca/white belt- Rolled with bianca and she’s so aggressive, which is good because sometimes I’m so passive and it helps me get more aggressive and learn how to stay calm in situations like that.  While we rolled I fiddled with a few things on how to control opponents from mount mostly and i think i ended up catching her with an armbar as well but i’m not certain it might have been a triangle.
  • Herrington/blue belt- Went with him several times. I worked on trying to pass his infinitely long legs, fail, tried knee through the middle and kept getting caught with foot locks, thought about going around him and I just simply was not ready for such a feat.  I guess I need to work on the idea of going around the stronger, longer, or larger guys instead of through them because ‘through them’ is simply not working.  Every now and then I can get a few passes that Cody/purple belt showed me but that’s every blue moon.  Herrington gave me a few tips on blocking the hip to get an extra shrimp or two while i’m in someone’s side control and it helped when we rolled again.  Lord knows how many times he tapped me tonight lol but I just tried to hit that reset button and try something else.
  • new guy- bless his heart I was sent to roll with him and he was nice.  I was weary at first but I did quite well.  I didn’t go too crazy, and there were moments where I should’ve been tighter in my mount, and I’ll admit I was being a bit lazy (shame on me) but My control was ok and I didn’t get slammed, smashed, or defeated. Nice guy, hope to see him next week.  Felt bad for a moment when I went to finish him with an armbar….several times. I have quite large, heavy legs, that can hurt people from time to time when used to smash faces.
  • jimmy/blue belt- we tried to roll slow because I was tired but t the moment i’m drawing a blank.

this post is starting to get pretty long so i’ll call it a night and write something up about life and jiujitsu tomorrow.





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